Is there any hope after clozapine

is there any hope…I was on 900mg clozapine but no great results

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What are ur major symptoms…

having severe hallucinations (like a bad dream while awake)…the voices are very abusive and insulting…I see a darkness on the streetand feel a tension…it makes me paranoid and anxious…also I have trouble doing basic things like shopping…as if im betraying God by buying a certain product…all in all its very distressing

Im on clozapine 1 year 11 and a half months and im on the highest dose of clozapine 900 mg for 1 year 2 months

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@karl Ive heard electroshock is the next step

With your symptoms I’m surprised your dr hasn’t proposed it earlier. It was one of the things I discussed with my dr as soon as I told him of my symptoms

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@Moonwalker, you mean ECT right?
You are correct.
And there is also polypharmacy, aka combining 2 or more antipsychotics. I believe Jimbob is one example of such successful treatment.


Yeah polypharmacy can work where clozapine didn’t.


Yep ment ECT , and I’ve heard that it’s a very professional procedure unlike how it’s portrayed in some movies. I also met a guy on psych ward who was there to get ECT for depression and he swore by it


Yes, it has come a long way. Only risk is short-term memory loss, but even that can be avoided with some of the newer flavors of the procedure. At least that’s what I gather from lay internet readings.

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There are some options after clozapine monotherpy has failed. Adding lamotrigine in higher dosages can help stabilise glumatame transmission and help relieve symptoms. I have also read that adding methadone can help. There are some other options which are described in this wikipedia page;

Don’t give up, take care and inform us how it goes.

Best regards.

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