What do you do when clozapine fails

im on 900mg clozapine and 300mg of quetipane but it has not succeded…what to do now…any advice meds or otherwise

Well they have got tot the polypharmacy phase.

You could try as much therapy as they’ll allow you to do. CBT/ACT/Mindfulness etc.

But some people just don’t respond fully, or as they’d wish for on the medication. I’m still symptomatic on Olanzapine, but still highly functional.

For me they suggested clozapine or a older 1st gen depot, but I stuck with Olanzapine and it’s a choice I’m happy with. So that’s not much help!

What other medications have you tried to get to this?




I’m planning to talk to my pdoc and see if her could prescribed Clozapine if I don’t respond to Thorazine properly soon. Though I’m thinking that I’m starting to improve with only Thorazine. :slight_smile:

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Clozapine failed for me too. But an old potent typical called depixol helped. Have you ever tried haldol? Can help a lot of folk. Has a pretty extensive side effect profile though.


They can try you on lamotrigine or minocycline