Is Tea effective for weight loss?

General speaking, we put tea as a kind of habit or hobby. And we do not realize that drinking tea is a method to keep way from fat. Maybe green tea will help your body to burn fat and boost your metabolic rate, but does it work effectively? If it’s effective, will you choose tea to lose weight?

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Tea is a diuretic, so it would make you piss out a lot of water, so you would lose weight like that, except that it would be water weight that you lost. A lot of it could be psychological. The placebo effect. If you expect the tea to curb your appetite, it just might do so, regardless of any chemicals in the tea.

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The most effective way to lose weight is to reduce calories input and increase output : sugar cutoff and exercise.

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er, that don’t look like tea, it looks more like the mold experiment I got going on in my refrigerator.
Think I’d lose weight too if I had to drink that stuff, because I’d lose my appetite.

Tea is way better than drinking soda.

All things in moderation. One soda a day isn’t going to kill you, nor make you fat.

To think that would be gullible. If it were, the diet industry would no longer be flourishing.

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I always go to the toilet when I drink tea and coffee. So there are other drinks can also help me piss out a lot of water? I really think it is ridiculous to lose weight through tea drinking.
However, I believe that the chemicals of tea can prevent some disease.

I kown I should reduce the calories input, which I started eating fruit and vegetable salad instead of staple food, and do more exercise. Hope to lose weight success. Thanks a lot.

This is another kind of tea, not the normal one.
Tea should be useful for you If the taste makes you nausea.
No appetite will help you reduce the calories input, maybe you can try it.

One soda a day is a lot of soda. Maybe one soda a week isn’t going to make you fat, but one soda a day might.

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Really? Why do you think so?

indeed.Diet Control is more important than anything else.

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I do intermittent fasting sometimes, it helps a lot if you’re trying to lose weight. And it isn’t that hard.

I drink a lot of tea and it does nothing for weight loss

Any drink with caffeine in it, like the soft drink “Mountain Dew”. I can’t think of any others right now. There are probably some out there.

I know diet control is important. Sometimes I am not clear for which food is relatively high heat, which I can only choose vegetables and fruits to make salad,Is there other good choice?

This is indeed the case.

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One soda a day could actually be ok.
I think.

I used to be against it for me personally.
A dentist where I once worked used to drink over s litre of coke a day and we have heard what coke can do to teeth but he might brush his teeth after his finished.

We usually drink sugar free soda.

Black tea is apparently not as healthy depending on what for as I e heard but can be good for stomach pains.

I had a gorgeous Russian black tea with flowers in it but could not see it in shops.

Herbal tea and green tea I think are concidered the healthiest.

I was raised on peppermint and camomile tea but do not drink it or buy it often as adult but still adore it.

I enjoy green tea every now and then but it can get bitter perhaps.

I used to buy loose black teas and fruit teas and vanilla tea from tea shop and it smells so nice in those shops.

There’s roobiboos red tea.

Ginger is said to be good for weight loss.

Maybe fresh ginger and honey in water.

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Ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint tea’s are all good for weight loss.
Soda pop, both regular and diet are disastrous for weight loss.
This is all according to science.