I am beyond frustrated I finally started losing weight only to gain a few pounds back. This is the most aggravating thing I hate when my weight fluctuates from day to day if it would just stay the same or I could start losing again that would be awesome. I know I am hung up on my weight it hasn’t always been about my weight but now that I am heavier it is now. I hate it cause I work so hard at the gym to lose and don’t want any set backs at all especially when I came so far in losing the weight I have lost even if its just a few pounds gain it drives me nuts and I hate it. And also there are days when I wish I didn’t have any mental disorder at all I have pity parties sometimes I know most people could care less what Frustrates me and what makes me mad someone else may see as meaningless but I really don’t care what others feel or think I just know how I feel


The best thing I can say to you is “Be gentle with yourself”. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Drink green tea it helps to reduce weight.

Green tea is nasty and plus I get flushed and really hot taking it and it doesn’t help me and a lot of things I have tried interact with the meds I take so I am stuck or I feel like I am I guess I will be heavy from now on like I said its frustrating that my weight wont come off anymore or I will lose only to gain four pounds back doesn’t make sense to me I have been cutting back and going to the gym I am very active in three gym only missed a few days this week only because of back pain.

Weigh yourself weekly instead of daily.


Try joining weight watchers? I joined awhile back and it’s helped me lose some weight/maintain it. It can be frustrating/anxiety inducing to track everything though (at least for me)

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Green tea help me to reduce weight. I can see a real reduction in weight when I drink green tea just for few days. Btw my bmi is just 19.5 and still it helps to reduce weight created by fat. I think it speeds up metabolism. If I drink green tea within few minutes I get hungry feeling which otherwise not come.

All green teas not bring same effects. Choose pure green version without any flavour. Japanese matcha tea not giving me hungry feeling nor it helps to reduce weight.

Also green tea is excellent for workout. Take it before workout and you can feel more energy and also lifts up the mood.

Also do check your thyroid and vitamin d level. Optimal ranges is must especially for improving metabolism.

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With sz, you could be the most attractive person in the world and still find dating hard.

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I could give green tea a try again maybe It will effect me differently I don’t know or get back on Alli which helped me lose in the past.I need to do something just going to the gym and cutting back isn’t working like I thought it would.

so true and by the way I don’t think I am at all that attractive I am average Looking in my eyes.

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Good luck @ImprisonedSpirit1!

I like Holy Basil Tea.

Our bodies get used to being a weight and want to stay there. You’ll hit other plateaus as you go. One good way to get past them is to add weight training. Muscle increases calorie burn. Keep up being healthy and working at it. Your body will get the message.

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what kind of green tea is best with lemon or without thinking of trying green tea that is already made what do you suggest I try?

Are you using a calorie counting app? Something like that happened to me with a calorie counting app. Never happened when I was on weight watchers. But on weight watchers I felt hungry.

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no never used a calorie counting app

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I just used a calorie app for fun, I am doing pretty bad, no wonder why I gained 160lb since my sz.
It says today I ate 3000 calories, goal is 1500, 50% fat 37% carbs :exploding_head:

Try it, its cool and helpful.


Green tea without any flavour. Its usually called either green tea or pure green version. Leaf version is best than tea bags as we can control the concentration either low or high according to need.

Weight training workout is good especially useful for upper body. Doing pushups is nice to burn calories fast and also a total workout for upper body. Plank is another good one which can be done daily.

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The med’s make it hard for some of us to lose weight. I’ve got a huge gut. I never thought I would get this fat.

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me neither and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy getting fat sucks and staying that way sucks even more I have been trying to do something about it yesterday I bought me some Alli to try again to see if I can shed some of this extra weight I used it in the past and lost 30 pounds on it so wish me luck I hope it works even better this time. Its frustrating and I just get mad when I get on the scale and see my weight increasing by a few pounds and I was doing so good losing but I think I have reached a plateau now I don’t know. Its hard to not want to weigh myself everyday but I am trying not too so much. Anyhow giving Alli another try plus I haven’t been to the gym in a few days but usually I am real dedicated in going three days a week to the gym may go tomorrow the reason I missed a few days is my back had been hurting but Its better than it was so I may go tomorrow to the gym to work the pain out in my back that’s still there. My meds in the beginning were horrible for weight gain and for not being able to lose until I had gotten used to them the side effects of weight gain went away I take Abilify5mg one and half tablets at bedtime and 20mg of Lexapro which seems low but it was even lower than that until the smallest dose I was on was 5 mg Abilify and 10 Lexapro but since That no longer works I am at a higher dose now but still its a rather low dose. I will keep on going to the gym if it wasn’t for the gym I wouldn’t have lost what I have so far I just don’t want to gain it back that would be upsetting to me and a big let down.