Cinnamon tea helps with weight loss?

My friend said she drinks several cups of cinnamon tea throughout the day and it helps with the fat to melt.

Has anybody tried it? I decided I will do it too - just boil a pot of water with 2 cinnamon sticks inside and drink several cups at night - I think it will also be a very good alcohol replacement for me. I just need to be stubborn about it.


Not sure its the tea, but they a news report that showed people who drank two cups of water before bed, lost 5 more lbs in a month than those that did not.

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Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels.
Great for Diabetics.
Has a weight loss component to it as well.

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Also, cinnamon has a naturally sweet taste to it, so you can drink tea with cinnamon without adding sweetener.



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1,230,000 links! . Just a quick glance seem to be from health food sites.

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yeah - so I am replacing it with alcohol and today I had 2 cups =)

If you’re replacing alcohol with tea, you’ll definitely lose weight. Alcohol has like 200 calories per drink, depending on the beverage. Tea has zero. I’m not sure if cinnamon itself has weight-loss properties.

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drink more Perrier and pair your carbs with fiber