Is talking to yourself bad?

Is talking to yourself bad? When all else fails and you are left alone for extended periods of time, who else to talk to but yourself? You can find out all sorts of things this way which would otherwise simply depart unnoticed. People frown on this sort of behavior. When I am out in public and talking to myself, I notice that people don’t really care. What used to be unacceptable behavior has become acceptable.


I always talk to myself. Hell…I’m damn good company! :wink:

(Good to see you again @martinhersey ! :slight_smile:


Not really, my mom talks to herself a lot and so does my dad

My nieighour talks to herself all the time - you can hear her above and on the stairs planning her day. She got Learning disabiltys bless her - I find it quite endearing.

Im guilty of it as well - usually when im in a foul mood and swearing blue murder about something lol.

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It makes the thoughts more pronounced imo. Kinda like helping to get the ideas out properly.

I do it sometimes. But only when im over thinking.


often but only in my thought(consciousness)
To put it in the words is Internal monologue
But my P doc said “It’s Hallucination!!” write in his note thinking he gave me the right diagnosis (god damn you p doc)
when I said I don’t hear hallucination because it from internal “It’s inner voice”
P doc: “Hallucination”
Me: “I don’t hear voice it’s thoughts in my head”
P doc: “Delusion of control then!”
Me: “…” too tired with him
P doc: talk to my mom “Miss I afraid you child talking to herself with her hallucination”
P doc: “So I believe you would be big help and good mother if you could monitoring her and report me if she talk to her hallucination again”
Me in my head: ‘It’s internal monologue!’
Mother: blushing with compliment from P doc “Y-yes”

So I really holding myself back in
stop writing memories diary because my mother used to read mine without permission and get mad mentally punished me
but sometime I end up yelling out loud, because I’m so pissed off
and sometime I left note to myself(I use discord as digital diary)

It’s not bad if you don’t get caught

Been doing it since I was a kid. I talk aloud to myself when I’m alone.

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t talk to themselves. Usually in a rant or saying things they wish they had said in a scenario. Now if you’re like starting out a conversation like “how are you today” and going back and forth that may be different.

Yes I do talk with my self all the time.

I’ve had to learn not to talk to myself when others are around, altho I slip up quite often.

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I talked to myself when I was on Vraylar but I was not doing so well.
I became full blown psychotic.

I talk to myself and my father does it too.

I’ve never talked to myself. Just the inner chatterbox.

I took a medication called Latuda, it made me start talking to myself. It got pretty bad. Right now I’m doing a lot better and today with Clonazepam I am barely having any racing thoughts to talk to myself.

I feel so embarrassed by it.

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Talking to yourself is not bad.
It’s quite common in cases of loners.

Same here. I had no friends and didn’t go to school so i was home all day, naturally i started talking to myself as if someone were there.


Talking to yourself is alright. But answering yourself??? Idk

For me it turned out people don’t know what I think

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Well, when I’m working on something, I may talk to myself things like: “so now I put it here and this there. Oh, no! God! I have to use Ctrl + Z now. Let me think about a new approach to this, hmmm, yeah, I got a new idea!” and so on. I don’t generally answer myself, but it may happen. There are some kinds of therapeutical exercises that encourage you talking to yourself (if so, never in front of other people). When you’re writing a journal, you’re basically talking to yourself.

But I think it would be a problem if you can’t control it and maybe become most of the time the character that is in your head.

I read books about normal people who have entire conversations with different characters they play in their heads.

I do, but I have to be careful not to do it in public. Too many sideeyes.