Do you think it's bad to talk to yourself alot

I’ve just been in my room silently thinking to myself for about 40 minutes, it’s kinda therapeutic, but do you think it’s a bad habit?

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Not really. But how long have you been talking to yourself? Like is it something that has just started recently?

i dunno but i do it too.

is it therapeutic ? hm

i once had a dog and he cut his paw on some glass… he went straight to his bed, paw bleeding.

it’s natural i think…

some normal people talk to themselves too… i think sometimes it helps… unless ur psychotic and talking back to voices in ur head… i used to do that…

I’m alone 99% of the time so do a lot of that, it can drive a person crazy if you have bad thoughts, Can be good though if you have Nichole Kidman thoughts… :stuck_out_tongue:


I talk to myself constantly. It helps me to process what is happening for me. When I lived alone, my neighbours used to think I had a room-mate because I was always thinking out loud.

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Generally, in most cases it’s not healthy to spend too much time alone.

No, it’s a long and ongoing habit, it really just makes me feel comfortable

I saw something on you tube that suggested that geniuses have a trait where they talk to themselves. I think the connection is kinda rubbish but at least a little talking to yourself is normal.

I think it’s ok if it makes you feel better. It’s kind of odd to do it when people are around though.

Yeah, I know better then to do it when there’s a crowd or something, lolz

Apparently, talking to yourself is a sign of high intelligence…

Well ide like to think I’m intelligent, but if you knew me, you might think the opposite

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Possibly, but without doubt, I would take into consideration the dulling effect of antipsychotics…

I talk to spirits and spirits talk to and through me. I tried talking to myself sometimes way before I got diagnosed but only because my father had a habit of doing it. I used to beleive it helped make you think but it never did.

If you’re doing in excess then maybe, I used to talk in my head from when I got up to when I fell asleep just smoking weed working, then I started singing songs then heard voices I think your alright