Does anyone talk to themselves out loud

I like talking to myself out loud sometimes. I say" you" or" we" as if it’s someone else talking out loud. I don’t know. Sometimes I just do it to vent then sometimes it feels like a pep talk

Does anyone not talk to themselves out loud? When no one is around? I feel like that’s the real question ahaha


My mom doens’t even care if I’m in the room, she talks to herself outloud all the time, I’m the one who’s self-conscious about it, don’t want to sound crazy and all Lol


I find it difficult enough to talk when there’s actually people around to talk to, never mind when I’m on my own.


■■■■ I talk out loud to myself all the time.

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I try not to…1212121

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All the time. I talk to voices out loud sometimes, too

Nice avatar :slight_smile:


I talk to myself all the time.

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Reading these replies made me smile. Not laugh but smile. Some was kinda funny. I’m more of a calm voice. I’ve seen people create a dialog between several imaginary things and spazz…oh nvm those are drugs

i used to think people can hear me from the laptop so i would talk to the laptop. i used to talk to the TV too.


I think the tv is a form of communication

Sometimes it really helps to talk out loud about something - to myself. It’s similar to journaling, it gets the issue out of me, it brings resolve, it’s satisfying. If I only silently think something through, I might not experience the level of resolution that I need. It’s too easy to think really fast and therefore not to really connect with the issue emotionally. Talking out loud makes it easier to actually hear the concern and to get a better perspective.

I took an excellent writing course: they taught us that one of the last editing steps is to read out loud what you’ve written. Mistakes, flow problems, grammar errors, weak adjectives, and all that kind of stuff springs out at you when you hear it read aurally.

Likewise, thinking out loud lets us hear what we’re thinking - and maybe more importantly - what we’re feeling. At least, I think so.

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Yes, not on purpose. I’ve developed this habit of saying certain things to myself all the time, and I think it’s turning into a tic. I tell myself “don’t hurt yourself” (which is awkward when I say it in public, but it’s better than the opposite), and sometimes I curse. Would love to hear from people who have been able to stop talking out loud, as it’s really starting to bother me.

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I don’t talk to myself.

I talk to them, which i am forced to do.

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I think even people without schizophrenia do this. At least that’s a thought that makes me feel less weird for doing it.:grin:

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Why can’t you ignore them?

Have you ever ignored a fly that keeps landing on your face?

I don’t really talk to myself. I yell and make weird noises.

After it’s been doing it long enough.

I just feel like, it doesn’t get appreciably better for you when you communicate with them. From all your descriptions, the experience is creepy no matter what you do. There’s no benefit to talking to them or acknowledging them.

No benefit, of course not.

They just won’t leave thats all.

Id have to do it the rest of my life, them talking and me ignoring.

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