Is success just one pill away?

It is what the developed world may want you to believe. To take away your own power within. Success is in your own willpower but you must use it.


I agree with you to a smaller extent… why?

Here is why…

Every Human has all the Brain structures

but a Human becomes a Genius only when

his Brain is working properly,

So, what I’m saying is,

all though we have the complete Brain

most of it is not working because

of illness or if it’s not illness then

it could be dependency on a food we are not eating in this life

or it’s simply a disconnected Brain for some important unknown reason.

It’s true we have the Genius Brain, the hard truth is, it’s simply ain’t working.

@saurav1 everyone in this forum is friendly and supportive but you just made an example out of your self how foolish life can be.

NO. Success requires dedication and effort. Always has, always will. There is no, “easier, softer way.”



It is true medication can put you on the right path.

Honestly ever since I increased my abilify to 25 MG, I feel I can succeed.

My thoughts are so much clearer and less delusional. I feel so much more comfortable living a normal life.

That said, I’m takin my time. Takin my time.

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Too bad I already have psychosis and high blood pressure and a high heart rate, which are listed in the side effects.

This is horrible. People poisoning themselves to work harder for what reason?!

Why do people want to work 20 hours a day? What is the point in that?

Why? Why do people want to work so much?

Answer me that.

This is sick, people should not be taking amohetamines to produce unnatural performance.

You know that lots of bodybuikders, weightlifters and fighters take “pre-workout” stimulant cocktails that get recalled every two years? I wonder why they get recalled. Maybe it’s because people have heart attacks on them.

Posting this for schizophrenics to read is also sick. We aren’t supposed to take amphetamines, were supposed to take major tranquilizers.

Wtf man

Not for me. I’ll follow the same courses of life the earlier saints or cynics did before I succumb to some “pill”. Products of man vs. products of God. Nature heals me, not man-made pills.

I saw this thread title and knew without looking that it was yours. You tend to think in black and white terms, do you know that?


I like op and we should be considerate the illness makes him think how he does but I do indeed find it a tad strange.

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My therapist says, “Speak the truth gently”.



First I need a goal then I must be buzzzzy with it then I must follow the above article.

My goal in many years…just started

Goal: AOE -III and AOM expert

Be busy

then chunk it, write crappy first drafts and put everything in efforts don’t waste time

and energy in worrying about results.

“Gentlemen we are going to relentlessly chase perfection. Knowing full well we will not catch it because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it. Because in the process we will catch excellence. I’m not even remotely interested in being just good.”

Does any one know any online games that come with bunch of tournaments all year long? AOe - III and AOM don’t have much to boast on. I know League Of Legends and Dota 2 but I don’t have Graphics card.

Please let me know if there is any online game with tournaments with no participation money so that playing the game means incentives and incentives means perfect goal…

Good insetives good goal.

I found this game with tournaments Hearthstone …

I would love to make money off battlefield 4.

Sad but true. I partially blame a pre workout for making my brain snap. They took it off the market.

Perfection is an illusion. The sooner you learn that the easier your life will become. :blush:

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