The brain can’t be 100% treated get over it

I am pretty sure that we can’t heal the brain exactly since the dosages need to be extremely studied and we can’t know the dosage that needs to be given

I dont think anyone on this forum thinks there is a magic pill. Its well accepted symptoms will always be present to some degree. People post on here about symptoms to cope.

I am pretty sure in the future they will invent pills to counter the side effect only if its worth it and if the pill that is used to counter the side effects doesn’t itself have bad side effects

Or maybe a miracle pill will be created. SZ affects only 1% of the population. If they create a “miracle pill” the percentage of SZ will rise IMO.

One of my relative had low oxygen levels he is 92 he started hallucinating because of low oxygen level, the doctor started thinking that he had schizophrenia and they started giving him zyprexa but when they gave him the oxygen mask he was normal again.
My point is sometimes its not the dopamine levels that are wrong but other health issues.
So schizophrenia is often misdiagnozed so I bet there is less than 1% of the population having it

Maybe the solution to better psychiatric treatment is to optimize the performance of someone cognitive abilities while he is on antipsychotics and to change dosages while he is performing cognitive tasks depending on how good he performs.
I think that 70 years since antipsychotics are on the market is why we need to ask for better treatment and our right to continue college and have a proper education

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