Is showering over-rated ....?

A shower once a week is ok imo

and in the 1800’s how did they wash?

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I wish I could shower more.

I shower based on what I do. If I am just sitting around the house I don’t shower as often as when I do something that makes me work up a sweat or get dirty.

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No way! I take a 3 minute cold shower everyday to keep my fibromyalgia in remission.

It is so cold that it gives me a head ache sometimes! :ice_cube:

I’m a shower every day kinda gal. Occasionally I skip one. If my hygiene starts to slip, I know I am starting to fall into something dark, and it needs to be addressed.


I need 2 wash more

Time will tell

I shower everyday. I look forward to it!


I shower every other day. If I sweat, I shower that day.

I shower and brush my teeth every day, my hygiene is impeccable. I can’t stand going a day without a shower.

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I don’t even clean my teeth

I have acpected my piggy ways

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Me neiter i would never

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I shower everyday it’s very healthy for me and my body

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I’ve wondered about how they managed all the aspects of personal hygiene back then. They probably had workable systems, but they were probably quite inferior to modern methods. Life today is so much better than life back then. Medicine was a cruel farce back then. They hung pick pockets. The brutal effrontery of the class system ground everyone down. If I had been born in the nineteenth century I would have been a passionate Marxist.

I shower two to three times a week. I don’t have the energy to shower everyday.

what does water do to the skin?

It cleans it.


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How clean is clean

You’re asking my opinion? I’m a clean freak. I don’t like dirt. Cleaning and showering are very hard for me, but I force myself to do them.

not exactly dirt in fairness when you think about it