Poll: How Often Do You Shower?

  • once a day

  • once every few days

  • once a week

  • other

  • Chicken Flop!!

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I find it hard on these meds to motivate myself to shower every day…but I force myself to because of my job.

Shaving, teeth brushing, reading…etc…I also find cumbersome. In fact, I find all personal hygiene tasks to be annoying.



I used to shower once a day, but I’ve been skipping a day here and there lately.

Once every few days…but chicken flop seems more appropriate…whatever that means.

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That’s my tradition…

I always add a ‘stupid option’ at the end of every Poll I make. :wink:

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People should shower daily. It takes 10 mins theres no excuse not too. Gotta stay clean. How you present yourself to others is important

I can’t read anymore…especially tech manuals. My Dad is coming over tomorrow to help me assemble a cot fcs! How lame is that?

Spirits don’t shower.

Get it?

Strange how that happened with me. I still need to unfortunately but it’s like my mind is already there or something and im acting as if it was already happening. Awesome bodies the spirits have, nothing comes out and nothing goes in, not to worry though they still have fun.

The body just stays clean, it’s ■■■■■■ great!

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Twice a day half of the time

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I’m in the water a lot…

I end up taking a shower or a good long bath about every other day.

I still shower everyday because I find that I sleep better but I have serious problem with brushing my teeth. I hate it!!! :smiling_imp: I wish I can get away with just gargling :imp:

I haven’t showered in days… :pig: I did brush my teeth though, because i can feel the sugar or something on my teeth eating them.

Today I may shower after a bike ride… :shower:

I remember how painful it was to take shower when I was in “dysfunctionally treated extremis” in the '90s and early '00s. Like it stung like hell. Anyone else experience that?

I don’t have a shower so can’t answer this but when I did live in places with a shower I showered at least 5x a week. If I had a shower now I’d use it frequently whereas I dislike my bath so much that I can go 6 months or more without getting into it.
If I could get someone to install a shower it would be great but I don’t think the council would allow it. I’ve heard you can get shower attachments for the bath taps but I am not sure you can stand up and shower with the hose length is often quite short.

every second day

it’s really bizarre that you don’t have a shower. how come? It’s really necessary.

The council only seem to fit showers if you are physically disabled. You need social services to say you are disabled enough. Then they’ll install a sit down shower if you press for one. Otherwise social services provide a bath seat that can lower you into the bath and raise you out again . That is what my wife used.

I’m sorry about this! but where do you live? not on your own? maybe like you said, you could use a detachable shower, I’m sure there’s a way around it.

I live in England on my own.

Once every few days but I just started showering more than once every week. And before that it was once every few weeks…
Luckily no one has noticed since I don’t smell much.