Is OCD caused by social anxiety

i used to have OCD’s in my 20’s…i used to have checking rituals, when i was leaving the house…in a sense i thought the OCD’s would help things go my way…if i didnt obey the ocds my mood would crash and i would be down and stressed

i now wonder was my ocd’s related to social anxiety

I had a friend who is diagnosed with social anxiety. He doesn’t have OCD.


There’s no bargaining with OCD. You simply must. I hate it. I don’t know if it’s anxiety or not. I do have anxiety too. That’s interesting.

I have OCD and its a serious anxiety disorder. I have terrible compulsions Wich can be bothersome. I Also have schizophrenia so I take alot of meds.


Are you diagnosed with sz, social snxiety and ocd?
That is a lot. Do meds help you?

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@aziz…was that question addressed to me…yeah i have sz now and thats been my diagnosis for the past 18 yrs, along with a certain amount of social anxiety

i used to have ocd’s in my 20’s along with severe depression, thankfully that is behind me

i ask these questions as im trying to educate myself concerning mental illnesses…ive read up alot about it on a website

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It was for both.

The meds help alot. Taking Prozac for the OCD and am taking clozapine and Invega for the schizophrenia.


@Natron @karl

I think I might have OCD. It was worse without antipsychotics. How is OCD? What symptoms do you get?

i used to feel compelled to do checking rituals before i left my house…eg would be that i would repeatedly check for things under my parents car repeatedly as i was leaving the house//// i would do this repeatedly maybe 5/6 times keep checking under the car for nothing in particular, just an obsession and a compulsion…if i didnt do it my anxiety levels would go sky high and my mood would crash…what i say here is just an example…looking back i think i had social anxiety and nervousness about meeting people…i think it was social anxiety that was the underlying reason and cause for my ocd’s

i was nervous and anxious about meeting people, acquantences and i wanted it to go well…the rituals that i performed did my head in but i had to do it or else my anxiety would go sky high

i was nervous about meeting these people and i wanted it to go well, i wanted these people to be my friends (as i had none)…the anxiety gave rise to my ocds (i beleive) .i just beleive my ocd’s were me trying to get some control over my life…i didnt want them but i had to perform these rituals or else something bad would happen

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OCD’s masked my social anxiety

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