Social anxiety


I used to have social phobia. I couldn’t go out and eat at a restaurant because I was so up tight and I was afraid I was going to throw up. And I couldn’t be in a crowd either. Does anybody else have social anxieties of any kind?


I used to have panic attacks when going out to eat at a restaurant, shaking so bad I couldn’t get food in my mouth.


Waitresses, fast food counter clerks can be snooty when you walk in the restaurant.


What is now recognised as social anxiety(there was no such diagnosis in the early 70s) was my first overt psychiatric symptom . I think the paranoia and social anxiety feed off each other.


I agree with that 100%. Seems like my problems started with social anxiety also.


yes. I have generalized anxiety disorder and when I get too anxious i start getting hallucinations and delusions. It’s very similar to an anxiety disorder with psychotic features, but I was evaluated and the verdict was paranoid schizophrenia. I take xanax 1mg 2-3 times a day and can go out in public without feeling uneasy or becoming psychotic. Before I would get too uncomfortable and avoid public, I didn’t eat out or do much in public unless I was drunk.


yes i have social anxiety, but i am better than i was, because i plan and control where i am going to be and how long i stay. ( social gatherings or parties are a no ,no. )
take carei


I have generalized anxiety disorder, diagnosed last year, my old doctors use to not think anything about it. My anxiety was just tied into the SZ, they thought so anyway. I’ve always had anxiety when we went out to eat, if i was brave enough that day we would eat at a corner or back table and my back had to be to the wall.So i could watch everyone there. I still get incredibly anxious in stores and it doesn’t help that i hear voices while in the store and so i don’t know if my anxiety causes the voices or if its the SZ or SZA (whatever i’m diagnosed with now).


I have social anxiety, i self diagnosed myself. When i start eating bunch of veggies, it lessened my anxiety quite a bit, but its still there, i do get out, but i don’t socialize especially with females. But when i drink, i don’t get any anxiety.


I think this is the worst part of my illness it affects every area of my life if I could be social my life would be 1000000000 gazillion times better.


I take xanax and that has really helped. It took a long time to get to the point where I could be around people again. I can go to AA and my SZ group but to just to go to a huge crowded thing with no one on my side? I’m working on it. I am so glad my college class only has 10 people in it.
If I ever do go out to a cafe or anything like that, I make sure my back is too the wall.


zing …no cant take benzos with my addictive brain id pop them like smarties.
weened myself off that and it was orrible.


I’ve had a bit of social anxiety for as long as I can remember. Though when my SZ was starting to develop (a few years before diagnosed or even noticed anything was wrong), it got REALLY bad.

It started with depersonalization when going to a restaurant with my wife and the feeling was VERY uncomfortable, I thought something was physically wrong with me. Then a few months later we went back and I got the same feeling along with a new one. I remember telling my wife that it was like I was aware of EVERY single conversation going on at the same time in the restaurant. It was like a massive overstimulation and I almost freaked out. We ended up boxing up our food and left early.

I used to work in retail and whenever a lot of customers gathered in a single place I would usually escape to the restroom or a quieter part of the store. Though one-on-one I didn’t really have any problems (except forgetting what I was talking about etc…). So my problem started with large groups I think.

Now I can’t even leave the apartment without my heart beating like I’m on a rollercoaster or something. And the nausea…horrible.