Is my part time belief that I am the only 'human being' in the universe delusional? Poll

How did the world exist before you were born? Where does all of the history for thousands of years come from?

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I’m not sure I was “born”. In my part time model I and the universe came into existence in 2018.

A strict solipsist, which I’m not, might argue that he created google.

How can I know that I’m not being deceived into believing that I am a “grown man”?

Hahaha sorry maybe it was a wrong choice of words. I have plenty of weird beliefs my self just wanted to make a point. :grin:

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I have this delusion that I’m the only human being that my friends and family are actually shape shifters that look like people I know but are actually demons. I don’t talk about it much cos it’s just crazy and I’m really not that important.



Is this a full time delusion?

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Yep. It’s every day all day.


Please remember that discussions of unusual beliefs should be in a recovery-oriented context. Posts that amplify or justify each others’ unusual beliefs will result in locking the thread.

But you seem fine, I mean, you sound stable.

I know, that’s why I’m asking why some people DON’T think that I’m delusional. I need some clarity in order to move forward.

You have no idea. It’s exhausting. I’m not suicidal but I do wish I’d never been born. My whole life has been nothing but one difficulty after the other.


Really sorry to hear that.


You’re essentially asking other people to support your delusion and to explain why they support it. That is essentially asking others to justify your delusion.

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I’m doing the exact opposite of that. I’m asking them why they support it to see whether they support it on something other than delusional grounds. I’m trying to debunk my own delusion, using what I consider to be the most expedient strategy.