Is muscle fatigue a symptom of depression and Sz?

My body is like a very old man’s body and I’m 51. It has been this way for 25 years but now it’s worse. I need to exercise more. I am very sedentary.

Feeling weak is a symptom of schizophrenia. And feeling lethargic.


yes, fatigue is a symptom of schizophrenia

I was walking every day and going to the gym for three months after my hospitalization. But I’ve all but stopped exercising now. I just don’t feel* like it


Since my sza returned I’ve felt increasing lethargic . Nowadays I want to be in bed the whole morning and into afternoon.


Bed is the most comfortable spot for me. It’s the only place I feel kind of calm


Yep, me too, jinx. Im always so fatigued and tired.

When i had severe depression,
my body was heavy and in pain

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I would associate it more with my heart condition. I spent this evening shifting 50 lb boxes up and down stairs and worked out afterwards.

I’m 53.

It’s the meds.
I suffer with extreme fatigue

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I felt weak from risperidone, but it was 15+ years ago, so I don’t know if I’m still sensitive to it.


It worked.

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i think when i get depressed my lethargy is at its worst
i’m only like can’t get out of bed if i’m extremely depressed which doesn’t happen very often at all but i have been for a week x

Both. APs make you fatigued as well.

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Exercise will help. Start with walking everyday and build up from there

Oh. Well. That’ll do it to. I know I felt a lot weaker on meds

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