Is it a negative symptom

When you don’t feel like doing anything. I’m just wondering because my sister isn’t schizophrenic but she doesn’t feel like doing anything either.

She might share some of your schizo genes. Schizotypal disorder and other milder forms of sz are common among schizophrenics relatives.

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Lack of motivation is a negative of sz, yes. Is that what you mean by not wanting to do anything?

Lack of motivation is also a symptom of depression.


Yes, negatives of sz and depression overlap in multiple ways.

Yes I don’t feel motivated at all. Only coffee sort of motivates me. And makes my symptoms feel better. I usually just stay in bed all day. I’m not depressed though.

Could be depression and depression is more likely.

I’m not depressed.

It’s more likely your sister is depressed, unless she exhibits other symptoms of sz.

I think negative symptoms is infectious… but just my anecdotal opinion

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