Is Mozzarella healthy?

I know cheese has a bad reputation, but I’m thinking of having a mozzarella ball in spicy bean soup dinner.

I also want to have mozzarella toast for breakfast a few times a week.

Need to eat more veg as well to increase my gut bacteria diversity. Diversity = better health = weight loss

I think moderation is key


I love feta cheese. I don’t think mozzarella will hurt you like you said moderation. :blush:


It’s a dairy food. Lot’s of calcium and protein. Of course it’s good for you. But I surely wouldn’t eat it everyday or even most days cause its very high in saturated fats. Bad for your heart and arteries in general. Moderation.

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You can get low fat mozzarella and other cheeses too. I like low fat swiss cheese the most, the one made in Switzerland, forgot the brand.


Yeah low fat dairy is the way to go.
This is what I consume.


I love Parmesean cheese, and it is a low fat cheese, and it’s delicious.

Depends if you think your arteries are clogged. If you’re young, you’re probably alright. They say the French don’t have a problem because of drinking wine with cheese.

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I personally think dairy causes cancer. I think moderation just means it slows the onset of cancer. I could be wrong but it’s my belief.

That is my favorite kind of cheese. :smiley: :smiley:

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