Could cheese help prevent type 2 diabetes?


Yeah but your arteries are hard…gotta watch that fat build up in your blood vessels!

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According to the article that might not be true.

haha don’t read postings from other websites here. If you aren’t going to editor it and make it available for people like me who don’t read to well these days then I’m out!

Saying that. I love cheese but it’s still an issue. These studies come out all the time. It needs time and better studies. You still fall back on old wisdom till this stuff is understood more!

So. My bloodwork and cardio is good lately…on lite cheese!

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As it is not the fat in the cheese, but do you know how much salt goes into it? It is the salt that brings on strokes and high blood pressure.

I love cheese, but have to avoid it due that bloody salt! :frowning:


Good point and much appreciated. I’m not up on most food groups but it’s always a topic. It’s just hard understanding what is beneficial over not because the technology and understanding can change rapidly.

I’m still waiting till when they declare 6 mid strength beers are good for my health. It’s up to four max and that just doesn’t cut it in my world!


I’ve heard about dairy reducing risk of diabetes n I thought it had something to do with satiety so stopping g u from going on eating loads

I hope this is true because I absolutely love cheese. It is the one thing I crave the most when I diet. I’ve learnt to incorporate a little into my diet to satisfy the craving.

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