Is memory loss or cognitive impairment permanent on benzo?

Is cognitive impairment or memory loss permanent even if u stop benzo ? I’ve been taking a benzo since 2.5 years. Does it cause permanent brain damage since my memory has gotten worse lately.

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The longer you take it the harder it will be for your brain to recover memory. But your brain does regenerate memory along with other things, or so Ive read and been told by my psychiatrist, so it will improve. Whether or not it recovers fully I dont know

Conclusion The risk of dementia is slightly higher in people with minimal exposure to benzodiazepines but not with the highest level of exposure. These results do not support a causal association between benzodiazepine use and dementia.

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Benzos for everyone😃

İf your dna genetically not deformised your sinaps and receptors likely to repair itself inside of 9 months.but this is not mean your sza or depression going to heal. İts mean end of 9 months you became little worse than pre medicine situation.

I was on benzos for a year and my concentration improved after coming off them. So in my experience the effects aren’t permanent.


I have been tested for attention deficit disorder recently and the neuropsychologist told me that I have a severe memory deficit… And I take clonazepam since 2001.

I worry about that. I have tried many times to stop the benzo but I am unable…I am addicted to it.

Benzos are evil

Don’t abuse benzos and you’ll be fine. I dont think that damage is irreversible, the brain has an amazing ability to re-adapt.

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Do you think brain tissue can grow back?

Update: I have reduced my benzo(clobazam) from 10mg to 5mg at night. Memory has improved little bit, but I still have problems recalling words while speaking a sentence.

That is a lot of benzos are you sure you have the dose right. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I used to take 20mg clobazam before.

@GrayBear Max dose of clobazam is 40mg.

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Sorry I was thinking of Clonazepam. :blush::blush::blush:

In 2001, I have tried to stop taking 2 mg of Clonazepam by reducing each week the dosage by 1/8 of a 0.5 mg pill (taking four 0.5 mg pills). It took me several months I think to reach 0 mg.

I got progressively sick with time until I had to stay 2 days at the emergency after I reached 0 mg. I was unable to sleep (I didn’t sleep at all during 7 days) and I was having hallucinations and a psychosis both caused by the withdrawal. The doctors made me take 2 mg again and I was ok.

After this experience, I knew I would never be able to stop Clonazepam.

It is a medication that is incredibly addictive and the doctors prescribe it a lot too often. There are alternatives!

It took me only some 2 months after starting the medication before I was totally addicted.