People who take benzos for long term treatment


How do you manage your memory problems ?

For me, I have to write everything down on my mobile to remember anything. I just forget every instruction, details, information quickly. So writing it down helps me. Nothing is so effective than my benzo clobazam with no other side effect except memory impairment. I dont want to stop it.


Haven’t had memory problems from them and take regularly for a few years now.


im glad i was never prescribed them. from what i understand theyre very hard to come off of and can worsen anxiety in the long term. theres also a possible link between long term usage and dementia, too

nothing concrete but i would still be cautious


Well my memory is much better after reducing my benzo dose(clobazam). But my attention is still impaired.

Sometimes I feel like people r talking too fast and I don’t understand them or I start thinking something else when people r talking.


My husband remembers stuff for me. But he has a bad memory too lol. I quit benzos now because I’ve been taking them for so many years that it takes 2 mgs to even put a dent in my anxiety and the effects on my memory were terrible, I would have blackouts from it like people do from too much alcohol.


Benzos messed up my concentration and memory too. Also I had a hellish time coming off them.

Now I’m a guinea pig and I’m taking a supplement called “beta alanine” for anxiety. It seems to keep anxiety at bay for the most part. But I’ve no idea of the long term effects hence the guinea pig. I’ll get blood tests in January and find out I guess.