Is marrying worth it?

I’m married and happy.

But I also realize some downsides.

Being monogamous your whole life doesn’t seem possible.

And being an equal partner isn’t always how it shakes out.

My husband and I have had some dramatic ups and downs.

It isn’t “love” that saved us.

I firmly believe we stopped loving each other during different times.

Still, I think marriage isn’t just a hollow establishment.

Maybe some people don’t value relationships,

But I do and truly understanding someone, having someone to talk to, laugh with, and share the burden is worth the trouble.

It’s not easy or even fun sometimes,


Few worthwhile things are.


Thanks @Cragger!

I wonder sometimes how my life would have turned out, if I would have stayed with my first girlfriend, Michelle. I’ve never met anyone with such a warm heart, and she was so good with kids

Its worth a zillion stars, even if it does not work, give a shot/try.

I don’t understand why anyone would think there are monthly expenses to being married. Everyone pays bills.

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Yeah. I feel like I would’ve been really happy with her. Renee. I even like her name

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How long ago was that @pasteyface ? Renee is a beautiful name

Marriage is A-LOT of hard work
It’s not all sunshine and roses

And if you end up marrying a sociopath like I did, then it becomes a nightmare.

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I was happily married for 7 years and would gladly have done it again. I don’t know if I will remarry though it was more romantic the first time.

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I completely disagree. I married my spouse because I wanted us to be an official family, out of love. I love that we have the same last name. I love that I can call him my husband.

The rest of your statement, after that, is just offensive. Just because you’ve never been truly in love (I assume, based on your comment), doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. Anybody can feel infatuation, sure, but some people are lucky enough to find true, lasting love. Some of those people like the idea of “tying the not”, but not for “political reasons”.


Why does a document, filed with the government, make you an official family? You can have your name legally changed without marriage. In fact, in the USA, you can change it as often as you please, there’s no cap.

I’m certain you could get away with calling anyone your husband, unless it was harassment.

I fail to see why a government contract is an example of loving someone. If your love needs this, is it not weak? In my mind, it must be. Marriage, to me, is plain unnecessary. An insult to ones own capability. An insult to one’s independence. Love doesn’t have to bind itself.

Your response is offensive as well, but humorous. I’m capable of loving. I don’t need a piece of paper to verify it. I know people think they’re in love, I have no problems with their choices.

I’m aware people marry less for political reasons these days. They do it for an idea. The act itself is still political.

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I don’t understand what you mean, the act itself is still political?

If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t effect taxes. Neither would divorce.

Marriage is a game brought to you by the government. You can play, but they’re going to profit.


I personally can’t be bothered with marriage.

I find it daunting.

And terrifying.

That doesn’t mean I’m afraid of long term commitment

But I just understand life doesn’t always flow smoothly

And I don’t want to be involved in divorce drama

For me, marriage doesn’t give me the space I need

That does not mean I’m not capable of loving

Because perhaps I am

Though I shall keep that a secret :blush:


When you love each other you don’t need a legal marriage. Here is term called de facto. Even it’s not clear what it means. Sort of marriage I guess.


My brother is married and it seems to really suit him. Same with another of my bros.

They are both happy in marriage

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For me, marriage is not worth it. Because I always pick crappy partners that never work out.

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Lets start marrying off forum members who wants to get married? We’ll match you up


At work guys are always asking if I’m married, or when I’m going to get married. I tell them I’m looking for the right person, when I’m really not looking for anyone at all anymore. I think sz disrupted the normie life path for me causing me to nihilistically question everything from being social, driving a car, getting a job, owning property, getting married and having a wedding, going to prom and graduations, celebrating holidays and stuff like that. I didn’t do, or only sometimes reluctantly did, all those things for a long time. Now that im on meds I still don’t care about those things, but the power of the nihilism is weaker. Is marriage worth it? 50% of marriages fail, though less in arranged marriages. In this city the average person needs to have a partner to afford to purchase property. So there’s that.

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I would like to get married eventually. When I meet someone who wants the same thing. If I don’t that’s ok too.