Is marrying worth it?

you know many ppl like to marry and this is our nature
do you think this worth it ??
especially if you will marry becoz you like that
even if you cant afford it !!!
i sometime think i should do like ppl doing
becoz marrying when we got old is not so good !!!1
i dream of marring i wish money dont exist !!!

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It’s a lottery in my opinion !

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I’d love to marry, but not for the sake of it. I just like the idea of everlasting love.

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what you mean ? exactly ?

It might work out or it might not.

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I don’t know what you mean by not being able to afford it. Are you talking about wedding costs??

My husband and I spent very little on our wedding. We got married in a green house. But you could get married in your house or a family/friend’s house, which wouldn’t cost anything. My wedding dress was $99.

Also, my engagement ring was $200. My wedding ring was more expensive, a little under $2000. Hubby’s wedding ring is $17 off of Amazon, but it’s the exact same model that the jewelry stores charge hundreds of dollars for.

Hubby’s friend spent $20,000 on his wife’s ring… Yeah, some people go all out and buy super expensive stuff, but you don’t need to. I told Hubby that if he would’ve proposed with a Ring Pop, I would’ve still said yes, because it’s only love that really matters.

This is a Ring Pop:



One of my best friends, and one of my sisters have both been with their partners for over 20 years and they are not married. I think if you love someone, you’re going to stick it out, whether you’re married or not


no that
i mean monthly spending …everyday spending

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I’ve never understood why people spend so much money on a wedding, especially when you’re starting a new life together and you could really use the money for a house or other things.

@Blossom you guys did it right


I still wanna get married someday. But only if it’s like what you and your husband have. Otherwise, forget it.


I once proposed to someone with a jelly ring from a packet of haribo, and she said no. So yeah I guess it can get expensive.


@Ribbon maybe you should have offered 2 jelly Rings LOL

If you’re a woman yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

My husband and I just went to the courthouse to get married. We had a couple family members present as witnesses. It was very cheap.

I love being married to my husband even though we’re very poor and both disabled. He’s the greatest man I’ve ever known in my life.


That’s so sweet @CoCo . I’m happy for you :hugs:


I was always told to only marry for love and friendship.

Never marry someone for their money. It can create feelings of envy and hostility down the road.


I don’t think money matters if you love each other. You should be with someone who loves you no matter how rich or poor you are. They should love you for you.
I doubt I’ll ever get married. I have been single for 7 years now and don’t see any chance of meeting any women. I’m usually home most of the time. I miss girls and everything that comes with them. The companionship is what I miss most. Always having someone to text, call, just talk to. I should’ve never broken up with my college girlfriend. I dumped her cause my mom didn’t like her. I still loved her. Looking back, getting rid of someone who loves you is always a mistake. I should not have taken that for granted


There is an ideal and a goal of getting married. But as I have gotten to know people over the years I think it is very hard to live with somebody. When you get married you feel lots of love, but after a while that can fade and then you have to work at it. My parents divorced, so I see that. I have read some about spouses that hate each other.
If both of you are well developed people who can get along then perhaps marriage could work.

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My great grandparents were married for 76 years, died in their 90s. I think marriage, and their success is largely dependent on culture, not love.

I don’t want to marry. It’s not necessary, it’s not natural, in a biological sense. It’s purely political, even now.

There’s no point unless you’re wanting financial security, which is humorous to me. The whole thing I find humorous and lacking. It’s funny seeing people rave about being married, as if they haven’t enslaved themselves to an idea.


I don’t know, in theory if I met the right woman then maybe, but the statistics tell me it’s a bad idea. Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce, and the remaining ones, many are miserable but stick together for financial reasons or because they have kids. The happy successful marriages are in the minority.