Is it weird to all of a sudden become obsessed with an ex years later?

I all of a sudden felt like I was cheated on a lot, ever experienced anything similar, I’m not going to lie I became obsessed with this person once when we broke up

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It’s not healthy so try to let him go

I try but she was always mean and felt like she pretended to be loyal, a song came on that really bothered me the other day

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Yes, but it’s over now.

Yeah that’s true, she was only person I’ve ever really dated

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Yeah, let it go. Maybe you’ll meet someone new

You’re right, don’t know why it creeped back up on me, it’s in the past

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It took me some time to get over it, a few years. Its when I saw her ex at her house that I got over it. I told him thats all I wanted to know and I left for good. We didn’t fight. Also I wasn’t hooked up too much to that girl as my parents didn’t like her as she had a bad family, her brother was a gangster with guns and a drug dealer. Her aunt was addicted to heroin.

I feel better now as she would have made my life even worse than it is now with sz.

She didn’t tell me those when we dated. She told me all these much later when we went to her parents where her aunt lives too. I was traumatized there, she even told me that I looked traumatized. I felt that I didn’t belong there. I guess I escaped. My sz made me weak emotionally too, I didn’t know how to escape from her without injuring her emotions.

I am happy now that I was able to escape from her. My family told me that she was manipulating me as I had money and was studying physiotherapy in university. They told me that I deserve much better than her.

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Her mother was addicted to weed too maybe other drugs too as she didnt tell me. I just saw her mother bring a big bag of weed and smoke it.

My wife is always mean too,she told me she never cheated and will never cheat.How do you find out your gf cheated on you when you and her were together?

obsessions are not good… try to let her go. Then you will create more room in your head to feel healthy too.

If you still care about her, try and contact her. The worst that can happen is probably polite rejection.

Well I thought about this, we haven’t dated in probably 2 years, this happened almost 4 years ago, that would be weird right?

No. I know a lot of people who’ve gotten in touch with old flames. You usually can’t go wrong following your heart.

Well she was in a way abusive, so I didn’t wanna let an old flame burn me again you know?

I believe you’re right, she was extremely pretty in high school and I was really jealous, the fact I got jealous again 4 years later is strange I know, but I don’t know about this, it felt like some type of spiritual awakening

Yeah, I understand. You know better than me, if it’s worth it.

I don’t know, I feel like I failed to protect her and didn’t fully realize it then, I’m afraid to ask for fear of shame and messing up future relationships

It’s probably best to move forward instead of backwards. I’d forget about her.