Is it typical of we szs that we can't defend ourselves?

My provider is very good at defending herself and I just noted that I’m not. A skill I hope to pick up from her.


I’m very bad at it too, so much so that il resort to physical violence, because I can’t damage them verbally, so il think about hurting them

I understand that tendency to get physical very well. We need to strengthen our minds.

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Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. It normally works for me. Other than that I’m also very poor to defend myself. I just fear conflict.

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For me it’s really dificult to defend myself in an argument because my mind goes slower than the other person’s mind. So the other person wins.

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What do you mean by that @Fellowman? This could help me with my brother

I find myself short of words, always trying to get out how I feel but end up with statements like ‘i don’t like you very much’ or ‘shes an awful woman’ — it’s so annoying because I used to argue and fight well … I can’t be strong enough to make any impact at all… :upside_down_face:

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