Is it true that too much entertainment rots you brain

im speaking from schiphrenic perspective.and other mental for example if am reading youtube comment section,im actually learning words or …anything

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I don’t think so but I am not 100% sure of what you mean.

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like i know you dont learn anything from playing video games.but what about reading…reading a book.for people that are socially there a way they gain some knowledge to apply to real social situations.

Personally I don’t think so in my case, my negative symptoms prevent me from understanding most social signs and behaviors, I only understand basic feelings like fear and anger. Sz stripped me from my emotions.

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Besides I can’t even read a book or watch a movie. Even if I could I wouldn’t be social, sz is more complicated than this.

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I’ve had markedly more fun from gaming than any book. I can’t remember ■■■■ from my gaming days though. I should have made demos of my league play and reviewed them. Lots of intricacy and subtlety I can appreciate.

Books are exponentially more useful than games though. Unless you could merge the two, educational gaming. Making learning addictive.

Imagine that.

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I think you do learn things from video games. But too much of anything is bad. The balance is key. For example, video games can increase creativity. And other problem solving skills. But definitely should be done in moderation.

I can’t devise a formula of life for anybody. It’s hard enough for myself.

However what are you trying to achieve??? Enjoyment, satisfaction, access of knowledge, self confidence, etc…

Probably depends on you and your situation

I know I focus on being eclectic and well rounded

Sometimes I read YouTube sections,play video games, watch movies, read books

Life is just about going through and making adjustments if you ask me.

Sometimes you wanna chill and play video games other times read a book.

I think it’s good to force yourself to read books and challenge yourself too. But don’t let it drive you to madness.

For example maybe don’t keep reading a book you don’t like. Maybe if you see potential in it read 5 or 10 pages a day until You enjoy it really

But some books are renowned and I just cannot get into them. I’m not gonna drive myself mad trying to enjoy something I don’t like

I hope my post helps a lil!!

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Too much of anything is bad for you. Too much entertainment can overload your senses. People need breaks from all things. I start feeling sad after listening to too much music. I get bored watching too much TV, and I get anxious from too much socializing. So yeah, always take breaks. Everyone is affected different too, so remember that.


Like you dissociate when you watch it, it can take over your mind in some cases

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yeah but that only happens when you dont take medication.yeah your right overstimulation is bad.

my meds not to im okay with that problem…but you have a point.yeah i wish a happy life.balanced life.

but meds also make me too tired.ah well…

Moreso too little using your brain. Entertainment can still be used in enriching ways.

I think what op is trying to say about reality

When you have entertainment, it doesn show the truth like watch soapobras or “reality” TV. It’s not real.

I have schizophrenia. When reality comes to me I understand it but I can’t really remember it or letting my brain process it. then I get mad because.

It’s a reason I can’t understand why people are into television everyday or people are into videogames (RPG related).

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you are spot on.yeah harsh reality,thats i mean.i escape it.doesnt do me good though.

It’s like a water valve. Water is flowing through the pipe But someone is shutting it off slowly.

So when your brain doesn’t get the proper blood flow your “entertainment” is making your brain rot because your brain needs to be “learning”

So. Reading books could be bad or not. I don’t know. I was never a normal book reader.

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