Is it too early to plan my funeral? I'm 35

I want to be buried. I want to be buried in my towns cemetery. I want a nice headstone.

I could live another 50 years? So Pre-Paid plans are out the question. I don’t want to use any of my savings to pay for my funeral. I want my savings half/half to go to my male lover and my sister. But this might change?

I can’t save funeral money in separate account as being disabled and on benefits I can only have a certain amount in savings (£16.000) before benefits stop. I would like the most of my money to go to my male lover and my sister. I was wondering if I could have funeral costs in a trust so I can save for it?

Or do you think is it too early to plan my funeral and I should wait until I’m 55 and then arrange a Pre-Paid funeral plan?

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Given your complex financial situation, I would wait until you are a little older myself, then do the prepaid plan.


Strange timing for this post. One of my best friend’s has just died, he was 55 and I’m not sure yet if he’s made arrangements. It’s left quite a mess for the rest of us to pick up

Love ya, Danny


As long as you’re not planning it for next week.


Fun fact: you know when you drive by a cemetery and there are those MONSTER headstones? I always thought that would be the guy with the most money in town. But according to my neighbor it’s the headstone engravers stone. LOL


I think it is a little early to be planning for your funeral. I’m 62. I think about 15 years ago my family got me a burial policy, except that I don’t want to be buried. I want to be cremated. I’m a little claustrophobic, and even though I wouldn’t know I was buried, it still makes me cringe to think of being buried underground forever, or a least a real long time.

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I’d prefer to be buried but we can’t afford it, so I’ll be cremated.

Someone wrote me a message in there will like last week lol. I have no idea who it is tho and I can’t read it till they pass away.

Why would they email me nowwwwww

As someone who is in the medical field, it is never too early to plan for your death. (Or brain death) You don’t know when it’s gonna happen and it probably won’t come when it’s most convenient for you. And if you do die with nothing set up, well, your loved ones are left with a mess to sort out on top of grieving you.

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Hmm. . .

Never Plan Your Death.

Instead Plan Your LIFE (!!!).

For Life To Life, More Life Into More Life And So On!.

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This is the one I recollect with respect to funeral.

I think having a general plan written out and maybe added to your will is a good thing.
Just a notarized paper with general preferences like " I’d like a protestant priest" or “I want to be cremated” or “I want them to play Fields Of Gold at the funeral”.
However, going in too much detail can be counterproductive.

In my opinion, planning a funeral is helpful for the grieving process. The people left behind get to do one last nice thing for their loved one, and give them a proper goodbye.
If every little detail is pre-planned, there’s not much for them to do.

I do think having a trust made to cover the funeral costs is a good idea.


Here you can take a ‘burial insurance’ that will pay for your funeral when you die. I’m about the same age as you but haven’t done it yet. I’ve told my family that if I die I want to be cremated and the song they play during the ceremony should be ‘on my way home’ from Enya.

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