Diphenhydramine for Anxiety

Would generic Benadryl even just take the edge off anxiety? Anyone have any experience? Vistaril helps me and it’s an antihistamine like Benadryl so I would think so. Anyone?

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I know it can make you really sleepy if you don’t take it all the time. Knocks most people right out.

Thanks. I will try it later in the afternoon to avoid sleepiness.

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Benadryl used to make me absolutely WIRED! I couldn’t sleep on that stuff at all. It has the opposite effect on some people.

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Thanks for your input.

Please check on to make sure it doesn’t interact with your other meds before taking it. Combining antihistamines can affect your heart rate.


I will keep that in mind. Thank you.

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I can’t take Benadryl, it makes my RLS sooooo bad. I thought vistaril was a joke of a med, though. If something that weak helps enough maybe you just need some good therapy instead of pills.

you want something which is an adrenergic blocker, idk if benadryl does that. i know beta blockers do but dont really cross the blood brain barrier.

No I just try to focus on it taking the edge off I got off benzos because I want to protect my mind.

For others to know kava kava root is great just can’t take it everyday but occasionally I find it helps a bit but I get good kava. It seems that alot of people
struggle to find a decent brand.

Before antipsychotics I used benadryl for roughly 3 years, at a small dose every night. to help with sleep from crazy endless anxiety thoughts at night, after awhile I realized It indeed DID have anti anxiety and a bit of anti depressant qualities to it. so, id say the answer is yes, however, I’m not sure what if it would have counteraction with other meds, cuz that’s all I was taking before schiz. hit me hard (i suffered with extreme anxiety, paranoia, depression before sciz.) So Id check with your doctor to see if that’s OK . hope my post made some kind of sense.

So this really helps with anxiety? And does it make you sleepy throughout the day or no? Hmm just trying to get a clear answer lol.

I took some last night and slept better, i will post if it causes daytime tiredness when I try it which should be tomorrow when I try it I have stuff going on today.

It does about the same as vistaril for me. Will take me from a 10 to a 9 or 8. Gabapentin and l theanine take me to about a 5 but everybody is different.

Kratom is good i think it’s better than Xanax honestly

I have taken it for sleep and it worked about the same as Vistaril.
Both drugs might eventually affect memory in older adults if taken every day for many years.

I was perscribed diphenhydramine for in case I developed dystonia, but if it helps with anxiety I’ll start taking it for that!

Best check with your doctor. Antihistaminic and anticolinergic side effects may be problematic depending on status of health and other medications taken.

It is the main component (or only component) of most over the counter sleep aids. It can cause some sedation, hence the feeling of relaxation. It can be of benefit to some, but it is in & out of your system in about 4 hours, which may not help you if anxiety is your issue.

Yes it will help with anxiety. the adult dose is 1-2 tables 25-50mg, the pills never made me drowsy, however one time for what ever reason i only had the baby liquid version on hand, and one dose of that made me feel completely drunk. i’m not sure what happened or why it caused it. so i will never do that again. but the pills do the job on anxiety for me and do not make me noticeably drowsy. but everyone is different so of course milage will very haha. I find it interesting though that as far as it being an allergy medicine, it seems to be completely worthless for me