Is it safe to switch off olanzapine to something else?

Sorry for posting again, this is really bothering me though. After 5 years using citalopram 20mg and olanzapine 15mg at the hospital they refused to put me back on those meds and switched me to wellbutrin and haldol.

My sleep is so broken. Can’t even really sleep right now, getting trazodone tommorow. Even when i do sleep i wake up like 5 times a night.

Is it even safe to switch off these meds to new ones after long term use? Feel like the system is trynna kill me off at this point. Could really use some positive feedback on this to ease my mind.


Also ive struggled with SI. Started when i went off citalopram and olanzapine and has continued even through switching to new meds

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Haldol isn’t really a sedative except at really high doses so I’m not surprised if you’re having trouble sleeping on it. Hope the trazodone helps you.

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Word. Thanks mars.


Do you believe it was the medicine not working as they said in the hospital or maybe something else in your life? I take 10 mg zyprexa.

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Going off long term use of zyprexa can be dangerous since it possibly can give long term insomnia. I tried going off olanzapine before and got literally zero sleep for 10 days straight. I would just lie in bed every trying to sleep, but it was impossible. I had to go back on olanzapine.

If insomnia continues I would raise this issue with your doctor asap. If you have to go off olanzapine it is better to switch to seroquel, nozinan or possibly risperidone since these AP’s also are sedating. Alternative is to get a sleep med as add-on to your new meds.

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