Is it safe to be awake tonight? Night thoughts

I worry about homelessness. I like to keep decent hours to be respectable and because it’s less lonely in the day. I laid in bed several hours and maybe it was the heat but I couldn’t sleep despite having gotten up before dawn that day. I think I really have it made having my own place and no responsibilities, but it has always been a downer, so who am I kidding?

Last month I barely got by financially. Everything has gone up so high! I’m thinking maybe eat vegetables because they are cheaper than fish and meat but will they satisfy? I can’t get a dog on this amount of money and when I tell my siblings that they don’t volunteer to help financially.

I swear I think life is fair. People have more than I but I don’t work and people who don’t work and have more aren’t better than I am.

I go periods when I am psychotic and cannot occupy myself because I cannot comprehend anything: tv, radio news, reading, or playing guitar. But I always come back around to having a mind. I love listening to radio news! The left winged news programs.

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I usually don’t like the day… too busy for me. Been up at night for months and sleep during day. Also light sensitive due to meds. I like the quietness at night. Find it hard to function around others, it’s too busy and get anxious and voices also increase. Even though sometimes i don’t hear them when i talk to others. At other times they do.

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be responsible anyway
its a give and take
earth will keep turning either without you or with you

A companion

It probably is possible to live without occupying yourself but it is dauntin

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