Is it safe for me to go to neurologist?

I’m taking abilify medication and planning to go to neurologist. In the past, I’m thinking way too strong and too much and my head felt hot.I thought by going to neurologist will fix my jammed neuron( I’m worried about this).What do you think? I think psychiatrist and neurologist are way different handling brain problem.

Hello @saniam. We’re not experts, but I personally don’t think “my head felt hot” is enough to need a neurologist. Let’s see what other people here will have to say about this.

Sorry, I think this is misunderstanding because of language barrier. What I mean is, something is not going right on my brain, I’m being handled by psychiatrist but to know if my neuron in my brain are okay or not is it safe to have 2 doctors at the same time?

If you want to see a neurologist, you must let your psychiatrist know beforehand. It’s ok to have two doctors, but they must know about each other. Also, the psychiatrist can order some brain scans too, to see if there’s a problem with your neurons.

Neurologists don’t have specialization in treating schizophrenia. You would be better off if you just follow your psychiatrist.

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I’ve seen a neurologist to rule out Epilepsy. No danger in seeing two docs as long as they both know.

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Okay thank you so much