What are methods for switching doctors: psychiatrist vs neurologist

i want to change my mental health doctors from a psychiatrist to a neurologist. How can i make this happen and what are the steps to accomplish this?

My psychiatrist was the one who set me up with my neurologist. It’s the second time a mental health professional has referred me to a neurologist because of some of my more unusual symptoms. Just explain to your doctor why you want to see one.

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This is a good idea. I’m going to attempt this too. Thanks

Usually a referral is required. The other route would be to try finding a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist whilst your psychiatrist is monitoring your medications. You can see a chiropractic neurologist without a referral if you wish, but it will be more expensive. They won’t use drugs, but will give you answers and can check MTHFR and COMT. These are methylation genes and can affect mental health. Cortisol being off balance can also do that. Anyway, good luck.

Are you kidding me?
Neurologists hate Schizophrenics.

Not all of them apparently. The one I’m seeing is very kind.


Are you seeing a Neurologist for your Mental illness or another condition?

Uhhh both. They’re not really sure if I have a separate condition or if it’s the same condition that also presents as mental illness.

I still see a psychiatrist though, I wouldn’t recommend seeing solely a neurologist for mental health reasons as that isn’t their specialization.


Oh ok - I’m glad that you like your doctor.

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My neurologist is very understanding of my SzA. I see him for other issues, but he reviews my psych meds, too.

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I see a neurologist for migraines. He’s great, but he wouldn’t be a good replacement for a psychiatrist. Neurologists handle totally different things than psychiatrists. When I told him I was hearing voices, he told me I needed to see a separate psyhitrost about that.


psychiatrist would be best to see for mental health. a psychiatrist will only refer out because of of them needing more information or testing.

People with seizure disorders, stroke patients, or those with a tramatic brain injury are more likely to see both a neurologist and psychiatrist at the same time.

It often occurs those people, listed above, will see a nuerologist for only a short time. Then the neurologist will transfer them to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is capable of treating those conditions above also, medicine wise, but for much cheaper.

More info if you want to read it-
Stoke patients often suffer paranoia and can be paranoid even if they do not have the hollywood half-the-body is nonfunctional problem. (what malfunctions is determined by where is the stroke in the brain.)
seizure patients can hallucinate sounds, sights, smells, and the sensation of touch.
Those with tramatic brain injury can develope severe MI that can include any range of symptoms upto and including seizures. The may have other bodily symptoms too.