Is it possible

That certain meds can cause suicidal thinking? I took my meds this am. I keep feeling overwhelmed by everything. I had my nurse practitioner appt yesterday and for got to ask. Sigh.

What’s the problem, rox?

I have suicidal thoughts through out the day. I was wondering if it might be a certain med I’m taking. I take both an antidepressant and ap.

Any experience about it.

I never felt suicidal cause of a med. I did have suicidal thoughts but they got better with the right meds.

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bummer that you forgot to ask. If you don’t feel sure about what you experiencing you could always try to call your pdoc if you don’t feel right about what is happening.

Clozapine is good for suicidal tendencies

Yes I heard it happening.

I had a bad side effect with clozapine.

Prozac made me suicidal and ocd. Some antidepressants trigger suicidal thinking


Yes, most definitely it can be a side effect of meds. Especially anti depressants.


Yeah could be the meds or it could just be a season your going through.


That’s what I thought about anti deps. I take lexapro at night.

From what I’ve read, lithium, even in low doses, is helpful against suicidal ideation.


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it is possible but you have to ask your pdoc about it.
hope you feel better soon

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