Clozapine suicidal

I heard clozapine helps this


I have heard this too somewhere can’t remember the source i read it from though but it said that clozapine, was the med least associated with suicide, statistically

I take clozapine and it not only helps me with pychosis. I haven’t had suicidel thoughts I think clozapine has helped me with that.

What were your symptoms of psychosis? How often were you suicidal?

I had religious delusions, and severe paranoia. I also suffered from severe depression, before taking clozapine I was very suicidel.

Its all that plagues my mind… im so severely depressed…

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Yes, its FDA approved for two things

  1. Treatment-resistant schizophrenia
  2. Reduction in risk of recurrent suicidal behavior in patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder
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not for me lot of side effects makes you want to do such a thing!

didn’t work for me clozapine made me severe psychotic in the past

Oh wow. That’s a rarity. Sorry you went thru that

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It most certainly does. Clozaril can make you feel a lot less depressed and helps you think better thoughts about yourself. Helps bring you into reality more than any other drug usually.

On clozaril, I found myself enjoying the simpler things much more. For example I enjoyed late night drives while listening to an AM radio station featuring various comedians. I also read a lot more on clozaril. Overall that drug basically cured me while I was on it. A+ drug, could not recommend more.


Why are you not on it now? Did you have disorganized thinking and clozapine helped?

I didn’t have suicidal thoughts anymore since switching my meds to risperdal in combo with clozapine (i also take sertraline and l-thyroxine though). I’m not really sure what helped to get rid of the suicidal thoughts.

Clozapine is not good for everyone, a friend of mine has suicidal taughts on clozapine as did I

its a horse anti psychotic i slept 6 months on that â– â– â– â–  drug

How long till it was effective?