Is it possible to reverse aging? | The science of how to look younger in 5 days


LS! I watched this video. It is much about Professor Valter Longo and his theories. I doubt however if it is good to have low IGF1.

I’ve done eleven of the 5 days fasts described in the video, once monthly for a year. The food pack is available from but it’s fairly expensive. The effects wouldn’t be visible until the longer term, say 10 years or so, and maybe only then if you persisted with the periodic fasts.

I feel fairly young for my age and always have. I’m a bit immature and adolescent emotionally so maybe that’s why. I’d rather be a bit childlike than a hardbitten cynical grown up any day of the week.

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LS! Hi! It is great that you care about your health that much. I went on a CRON diet for three years almost 25 years ago. But this fasting mimicking diet lowers your sex and anabolic hormones. It is well known that oestrogen and testosteron and IGF1 are protective and make you live longer. There is the Caerphilly study that found the more sex the lower your risk of dying. Also protein and muscles seem to make one live longer. Do I look like I am going to be 63 this May?!


I don’t have the energy to exercise vigorously so I reckoned that the fasts would pick up the slack when it comes to my health.

You look well. How much weight are each of the dumbells?

I’m a bit self-obsessed and maybe a bit of an attention seeker, both attention from others and from myself. Maybe it’s a bit of a histrionic trait, I dunno. It seems to pay off in some ways, in taking care of myself healthwise and in making an effort to keep in contact with friends etc. Pros and cons, ying and yang, two sides to each coin, etc.

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LS! Hi NutsAboutU! Each of these dumbbells weighs 18 kilo (39.6832 pounds). Thanks for the compliment that I look well. I still have all my blonde hair. I tried to Google that but I could find out nothing about age 62 and having all your blonde hair. Do you care about your health or do you care more about your looks? Do you want to look good to get attention?

The attention thing is more of a subconscious drive of mine I think. I’m trying to detrain that out of my mind using emdr. I don’t really like being an attention seeker but I can’t help it. I used to go to my GP a lot with minor complaints just to get some attention from him, so I don’t like that drive that I have.

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