Is it possible to have success and have sz at the same time

Well, I never planned it but somehow I ended up employed for most of the last 35 or so years. I lived independently in “normal” society from 1995-2015. I’ve driven since 1997 and had some nice cars. I attended college for five years taking a couple classes a semester.

And for several years I got along pretty damn well and did a lot of fun things. Not to mention attending over a thousand AA, CA and NA meetings.

I’ve let my level of functioning slide these past few years, I kinda stick around my nice clean, warm apartment a lot but I get out almost every day and many nights. I have plans on what’s going to make me more social but they’re on hold for obvious reasons.

Success is in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve done better than some and worse than others. Haven’t given up by a long shot.


I have had many failures in my life because of my sza. No social life at high school. No varsity. No driving licence (due to fear of test). No job. Failed being a nun at convent. Bad teeth.


I found God and I got married eight years ago and my husband is still with me :blush:

So I guess I’m not a total failure even though I still have bad teeth, no licence and no job. I have a husband looking after me.

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I have bad teeth as well. I look like a jack-o-lantern.


Well, Tomcat seems to be higher functioning than most schizophrenics and even normies. Could be luck or getting it at a later age.

I feel like I’m moderate. I can drive a bit and go out. I can use the computer and do chores. I want to work or go to school online someday.

My hygiene is abysmal.

I feel that if you have sz and are out of the hospital you’re making it. Or if you have symptoms and recognize it and want help or are just alive.


If you want to read of success read “The Center Doesn’t Hold” by Elyn Saks. If you don’t read practically everybody else’s book.

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