Is it possible to go actually insane?

I feel like I’m going insane, like actually screaming out lout in pain and breaking down and crying, like something you’d see in an insane asylum. Like I don’t feel like myself, when I wake up in the morning my mind is extremely confused, like it’s doing things like an example is like, I’ll think of saying hi but instead my brain will say pineapple. It’s very off putting, I literally feel like my brain is dying, has anyone ever felt this way before?

Like your brain short-circuiting? Is that the word you’re thinking of. When I used to do shrooms a lot my P dock send my brain was going to short-circuit if I didn’t start taking meds and stop doing shrooms. And I would end up in a psychiatric ward for 40 years. Well that didn’t happen but I did start doing meds shortly after and shrooms I stopped a couple months after that. I got really ■■■■■■ up from the shrooms though mixing with meds and alcohol and caffeine. Had panic attacks for a year and a half straight till I started Naltrexone it cured it

I’m about one step away

How are you feeling?

Like the “others” are taking over

Yes I feel the same about my brain, it is very possible to go insane but I don’t think you are, your example sounds like a ‘normal’ thought disorder.
I don’t think it is possible to be so conscious about going totally insane and it is a slow process.

im afraid of getting word salad and not making sense

Yes. I’m getting there day by day


I went completely insane. I assumed it happened to everyone here at some point :confused:

Yes it is possible to actually go insane. I did one terrible day back in 1982.

I went insane during my last psychotic breaks last year.
I was on another plane outside of this reality.
Scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

This thread had reminded me of one entertaining trailer for a game I used to play

I spent two years fighting off insanity. Two years solid of trying to hold on to the little sanity I had. This was way back when I first got diagnosed. One of my biggest fears back then was that I would get so crazy that I would go stark raving mad and lose all touch with reality and get so withdrawn that I would not be aware of my surroundings. This was a real fear of mine.

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Well said good sir.

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I have felt that way before. I went to a restaurant to buy a ham sandwich once and left with a meatball sandwich instead. the stress of standing in line then talking to a sandwich maker sent my brain into a tizzy. a weird delusion.

Practice deep breathing. in through the nose, out through the mouth. expand your tummy.

These days most participants respond to medications. Yeah it can be a trial with side effects etc but it’s such a better outcome than even the early days of antipsychotics.

Before the 50’s and introduction of thorazine, many of us lived in mental institutions. Bi polars too. It wasn’t very pretty and I’ve known people who had their mailing address as the wards. Even with thorazine it was a battle. Early typicals were brutal with function and side effects but we’ve gradually moved forward to where only the extreme cases spend more than too much time on the wards.

The practical reality is that most of us can live in society but it’s at a cost. Most of us still suffer symptoms. Most of us aren’t seeing a cure anytime soon and we live between side effects and function.

For most I’d say no. Modern atypicals are pretty good for most folk for helping psychosis and positives.


Yes i have felt it. Its anxiety. It will pass.

Been on the verge of being insane a couple of times, not a good feeling

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