Is it possible that Im being over-medicated?

Hi I think I’ve only posted here once before when I was first diagnosed a few years back but here we go
I’m taking quite a few medications due to my diagnosis but no matter what I do I just feel constantly unhappy and unsure of life and experience side effects like feeling like I shouldn’t be in this world. I’m kind of questioning my doctors choice to allow me on this many medications- however I know its also mostly on me for agreeing to taking them. But Is her decision to prescribe me all these medications a good move?
The medications I’m taking are:

I just want some more opinions and maybe more information on these medications, I know I should also be asking my doctor about this- and I will. But I wanted to know if this was a normal occurrence- to be prescribed 9 medications for schizophrenia?
Is it possible my horrible outlook on life is being contributed to by the side effects of these medications? Anyone else who’s been on any listed I really would like to hear about your experience too… Thanks

Seems like a lot but I’m not a doctor so they would know better.

I’m on clozapine and zoloft and lamotrigine

Those are too many meds omg.
I was on Abilify, Benztropine and Zyprexa. I also tried lithium. The worst of those meds is lithium, it made me a zombie with a sluggish mind. Can’t you ask for a different mood stabilizer?

Abilify is the best for negative symptoms unless you get addiction and hypersexuality issues from it. I would replace the Olanzapine with Risperdal, much less weight gain.

Oh yeah, talk to your Dr about all this of course.

Are you med resistant? Maybe that’s why they prescribed all this? Were your symptoms before meds very severe?

I do remember her saying that I’m med resistant at some point, I’ve been on a lot of medications over the last three years. But I didn’t think that needing this many medications was a result of that.- I do remember her telling me she only turns to lithium if other things arent working as well so i dont think she’ll be taking me off lithium unless i dont want to take any like it anymore.

thats to much medication although Im on 3 antipsychotics too.

Ive heard clozapine is a last resort medication from my doctor. is that true?
I was offered to try it once but denied since I’d heard bad news about it.

That’s a lot of meds. I’m on a lot too (Cipralex, Olanzapine, Vyvanse and a beta blocker)

OMG that’s a lot of medicine and I take a lot of medicine and I still think that’s way too much. I would get a second opinion. See someone new for a while, see if you can’t come off a few.


I’ve been on 3 APs at once before. A high dose of 1 seems like too much for me.

One AP, one mood stabilizer, ativan should be enough and an anti depressant, if you think it’s helping.

Yeah that’s what they call it. I’m very drug resistant so I just live with the side effects. Mostly night time drooling and weight gain. And doing bloodwork all the time is a bit of a pain but at least it is covered in Canada

I think that’s a heck of a lot.

@Ven. Can you ask your pdoc to review your meds with you and let you know what each med is for?

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that to me looks your over not a specialist.i take only 2 medications and im stoned out of my head.

That seems like too much, and might very well be the reason for feeling bad. I would ask her to explain thorougly, and contact another psychiatrist to check on your meds and recommend if you can be taken off most/a few.

You are on a lot of meds, a lot of which serve the same purpose. However unless you feel you are seriously struggling with side effects i would argue that that is not overmedicating you. That may just be the amount of meds you need to function, nothing wrong with that.

The only downside to Clozapine is really monthly blood tests. If you accept to take it the Dr might remove the Abilify, Seroquel and Olanzapine. Its up to you and your Dr.

I should do that. Unfortunately though I don’t talk to her for a while since shes so busy.
I do think some of my medications are also for my depression but the way they’ve spoken to me about it makes me feel like its more of trying to control my mood because of symptoms of schizophrenia. Since the ativan, atarax and olanzapine were given to me for when I’m panicking due to schizophrenia. Except ativan is prescribed for everyday while the olanzapine is for when I feel out of control. At least that’s what I got out of the latest conversations.

Most doctors will recomend you in to use
clozapine instead of 3 antipsychotics.
personally I find that I have less sideeffects
on the 3 antipsychotics thsn I had on 600 mg clozapine 22 years ago. The clozapine made me constipated, drolling, massive weight gain. and very sedated. Clozapine should only be usef when you run out of options.