Is it okay

is war okay?

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only just war.

some people like army men.

I mean, I like army men! but not the way you think…

off-topic… awkward…

For the right cause

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i’ve never been in war. but I think the name of the game is to kill, sometimes.

like not wound. completely kill.

a Higher power still got me. I aint scared.

Wouldn’t the higher power have the other guy too?

certain situations mostly numbers influence whether to wound or kill comes into play… wound an officer takes 2-4 to drag him to safety… you temporarily disabled 3-5 weapons and knocked out the command structure for those under the officer without death and only 1 bullet. a sniper just wounding his enemies can hold a large number at bay for a while if done correctly… but yes war is hell…war is death… rarely is it black and white as to who the good and who the bad actually are… I guess who ever is shooting at you is the bad guy but I mean in the larger view no side of any war is righteous and without their dirty secrets and questionable tactics…

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