Evil wasnt a thing thousands years ago

Evil wasnt a thing thousansds of years ago now because of evil some people get their limbs amputated because of war

Bad things have always happened. Even thousands of years ago. Good and bad have always existed together.

Nature is evil



They had war thousands of years ago. :dog2::dog2::dog2:

Nature and urges are evil,
spirit and soul are pure.
That’s what the church says.
I don’t believe in it

War makes heroes

Internet wasn’t a thing either but we always had a “connection” still :wink:

Some food for thought

they had bones sticking out. I’ve read quite a few civil war books. can’t imagine it though.

You are wrong about that. Horrible things have happened in the many wars of the last thousands of years and the same things going on now happened then. The weapons weren’t as lethal however.

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