Is it okay to feel disabled?

Now that i cant hold a job anymore, purposely have to avoid stressful situations and having insights that i have to lay in bed almost all day and realizing thay ill never have a family on my own making me realize thay I am disabled. Anyone else have this feeling of realization that they are disabled?


Yes, sometimes I feel totally disabled.
Not capable of doing normal things.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing there are new meds coming out and things just change you may get feeling better who knows? But also its ok to take a break and take it easy for awhile

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no, I don’t.

but my man says sometimes I use it as an excuse.

Yep, I feel disabled. I’m unable to work or study which were two things I was good at before this illness. My mind is in a constant fog and even the most menial of tasks take a huge amount of effort. Every day is exhausting.


You have to push yourself in this world. Everything is about what you do with your time

Doesn’t have to be about making millions, or working all hours.

Just try and enjoy what you do more, and don’t waste your time

I for one only use the disabled card if I am applying for jobs or courses I never seem to take up the offer on

My view is all the while I have some fight left in me, I am not going to let this illness beat me

Think of the people with severe physical disability that take part in the paralympics

They do not let their issue beat them down - even when it really would understandably

We have to do what we can to let things be as enjoyable as they can be

Small steps.

Just saying that’s it and I am disabled so I will spend the rest of my life in bed isn’t really showing much moxy

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yeah, I feel that way too, about other disabilities,

but there’s been backlash lately that that is inspiration porn.

i feel disabled yea… can’t live a normal life… but it’s ok, i got used to it.

somebody posted more recently about knowing your limitations.

I go into anything with high hopes, but it doesn’t always work out.

I think my father is the reason, for me wanting to achieve.

I have the never-give-up mentality, but I have to admit there are times, like recently, where I feel incapable of dealing with anything more. Getting myself to do the basics has been like pulling teeth the last couple of weeks.

I don’t want to talk to my friends about it, because it makes them uncomfortable. I don’t want to talk to my sister about it, because the minute I mentioned my struggles I’m a whiner.

So… I’m laying low for a few days and hoping my energy bounces back. I haven’t been sleeping well, and that’s probably a big part of it

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Regardless of how I feel about it- the fact is I’m disabled. That doesn’t mean I lie in bed all day . It does mean that I have a limited lifestyle in comparison to those non-mentally ill people of a similar age and intelligence. That’s about minimising stress.


I have been staying in bed most of my time for years, I dont complain anymore as no one can really help me, not even my psychiatrist who said I need to accept my severe negative symptoms and to try to be happy. So I am doing what he told me and its working well.

Ppl here will tell you its your fault bcz you’re not doing efforts. I call this bs. Not everyone here has the same symptoms. Listen to your Drs.

Ummm can I be completely honest? Do everything now while you still got it.

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I’m going to flip this turtle on its back.

Is it okay to NOT feel disabled? Or miserable?

Pretty sure that’s the number one reason I don’t fit in here.

Doing things and having fun just doesn’t seem accepted.


I have really pushed myself trying to hold a job, but can’t anymore due to my MI.

Right now i mostly feel sad about the loss of girlfriends, career, job, but i try hard to get something out of the situation.

I will try to maintain my friends, be as active as I can, be a good family member and so on.

I think there is a potential in acceptance of the situation without giving up.

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yes I feel disabled and it makes me angry cry when I think of it

Nothing wrong with doing things and having fun. My rather severe social anxiety means that those things take place online rather than offline. The genealogy one gets discussed here from time to time. The ‘P’ one is not suitable for here, but Twitter covers that.

now I started thinking about it and got sad… I just wanna feel alive again

I do not think of it as disabled, which I think is not right on my part. I think of it as a condition. It probably is disabled, but I do not know how to think about it yet. As a condition, I tend to think that I can still do things, but need to find a way that works with the condition.

I would say go slow, as you can. Experience reminds me that things can come naturally in good time.

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