Those on disability

Do you feel like a pariah? I do often and it really weighs on me a lot and effects how I carry myself and speak to people. Especially considering how long I’ve been on it. It’s very depressing and I really have internalized a lot of the pariah feelings over time. Everybody works and takes a lot of pride in their work, while I sit here doing nothing for an incredibly long time.

Yeah man since I got a part time job I don’t feel this way as much. At least I can tell people I work. It seems like it could be a lot easier to date too if you have a job. I used to feel like more of a pariah.

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I might have tried getting a part time job, but now I have a rare skin disorder known as hidradenitis too.

My sentiments exactly.

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I would be so proud if I had a job. I’m gonna try working again in a few months time. The worst is having so little to do it can drive one insane.


Yeah that is bad too. So you are effected at home and when you go out.

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I am on disability pension and am thankful for it.
It helps me a lot.

I am doing well.
I have activities I do.

I volunteer work a few hours a week.
I go to the gym.
I have my sacred neigh n dog.

I am usually home from my activities around lunch except for Fridays so I have all afternoon to do nothing but I usually spend the afternoons watching tv and on Internet and reading.

In the future I might visit a old person once a week but at the moment im happy with who I am and what I do.

I don’t have unrealistic expectations of myself.

Today might be a bit boring because I have no activities on today.

I am proud of myself and who I am and what I do do.

I have family working from 7.30am to 9pm who are happy with me despite that I am not working.she even thought/thinks I should be on the pension but she thinks I should volunteer.

When people ask I have started saying I’m on the pension.
It’s not nice saying that but I’ll get used to it.

My x boyfriend used to tell people he is on the shame in it.

So I started telling people that too.

Society can be angry at you for not being more productive but they don’t know me then.

I feel encouraged and praised for the little good I do and that makes me improve and do even more.

In Sweden they hated on me and that made me isolate and not go out sober etc
They were like you don’t deserve food because you don’t work much etc but did that make me work more?no it made me work less because of the hate I was getting.

I am happy to be on the pension.
It helps me.
I’m grateful for it.

Do I want to serve and enriched my country n community yes but maybe I can and maybe I do maybe it’s not much but something is something.:two_hearts:


I’ve been on disability for 13 years and I know how you feel. I used to work hard and took pride in my self,now I’m a different person.

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I feel the same, and like you, I have other medical issues that prevent me from working part-time right now. If I am lucky, someday I will either find peace with it (I am thankful for it, after all) and find things to do, or I will get a job again.

I feel awful quite a bit. Not so much voices but lots of depression. I try to keep busy and try new things yet when I feel horrible I am very grateful for the SSDI I receive every month.

I get a bit of a break during the summer (symptom wise) but the fall and winter can be hard. Just today I started getting depressed in the afternoon. I probably won’t be able to go to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow because of the whole anxiety thing so that’s the sort of thing that bothers me more than getting a check every month from a system I paid into. It’s there if a person needs it and qualifies for it and I can’t say I’m sorry tbh.


Disability in South Africa is far too low to live on its about $115 so its just enough to buy groceries but nothing more.

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I do sometimes feel bad. But I have a job two days per week now so I’m at least doing something. I’m on disability for a reason. I have to remind myself that. Too much stress brings back symptoms for us. As I’m sure you know. I am having a lot of trouble this summer with my mental illness. But my job actually helps because I can focus. When I don’t have anything to do is when I get in trouble.

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My long term/permanent disability from work does not let me work at all. I also get some money from the Canada pension plan. I couldn’t work anyway. I get very anxious and physically ill even volunteering. I want to but just can’t. And now with my mobility issues I really can’t do much. I’m 51 and I doubt I’d get any job anyway. No one wants to hire a fat mama. Lol

In my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s I worked hard and paid my Social Security taxes, a part of which went for disability insurance. I feel no shame in collecting something I paid for.

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I get disability and food stamps as well. You should look into it. Hire a lawyer if you get denied.

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