Is it normal not to feel much pleasure from sexual penetration as a woman

I feel like the man it so much easier for him.

Has anyone got tips to enjoy sex more, in particular for a woman.

depending on the man, myself personally I think it’s obligation to get the woman off first. penetration is always pleasing for me, a woman’s g spot is important I think during intercourse.


Hmm maybe just try to focus on the feeling.
Maybe your med also reduces your drive?

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I thought of it a lot, and the conclusion is women want it all, hint: did you know why the men got the shape of a lolly pop?

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No I don’t know why?

I mean when I masturbate it feels nicer than sex.

It’s pathetic


I think the reason is perhaps psychological as @LevelJ1 pointed out


Just an assumption, due to the generation of sex, the mens tuned out to be like this,

But most of my friends say sex is way much better, as emotion is involved. For me its just getting rid of the drive. Due to meds induced craving.

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Lol I don’t understand your lolipop thing :sweat_smile:


I say perhaps psychological because perhaps it’s just actually biological that generally, men feel more pleasure during penetrative act

If I remember correctly women can’t really feel inside except for their vulva surrounding area? I have no idea if that’s true, just remember hearing it…whereas a man can feel every inch of penetration if that’s what you mean?

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Yea that’s what I am wondering… Seems unfair hahah

If you are seeking mutual pleasure there is always oral sex…seems to be the best for making a woman pleased.


I normally don’t post in the threads about sex because it has been a long long time since I had a sexual partner. I have to agree with jukebox though, without getting into too much detail I think oral sex for a woman does indeed provide pleasure. I also think there has to be some sexual chemistry between the two parties involved. It helps to remind each other what feels good, what is more of a in the mood thing and eventually they’ll it know each other intimately to the point in which it sorta just happens naturally but I’m no expert.

I mean without sounding too crass, I think you just need to voice out your wants with your partner and make sure that partner practices it. :grin:

Back in the day, I was in a relationship where we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We’d be out and just walk off somewhere like a park, hop in the car, and of course when we both got home. My relationship really suffered due to the onset of the illness. Going from “Let’s go for a walk!” to “Hey.” and just sitting there all day. Saying stuff like, “Do you hear them talking on the radio? Are you sure you don’t? Listen…” silence didn’t help either.

To sum it up, I think foreplay helps.


Maybe use some toys while your being penetrated

I am a virgin but when I was off meds when I touched my vulva it felt very good now it feels like touching my arm and my clitoris feels a lot worse than my vulva off meds.

Meds take away pleasure. At least for me they do and I assume they do for women too. Before I started taking meds I was hopelessly addicted to porn and jacking off. Now porn doesn’t make me hard anymore and I barley feel anything when I jack off. It’s not even really pleasurable anymore.


It’s in reference to oral sex of a penis

I’ve had one orgasm in my life. Men get there quicker than women. It’s not fair but it is what it is.

Dont know if this can be true?

Always make the boy go down first and use his tongue and fingers @LittleMissSlothy that way youll both be pleased.