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Penetration gives you pleasure, girls? Or sometimes it hurts?

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Penetration used to be just Eh for me. Then I hit my mid 30s and began enjoying it more. I was shocked the first time I orgasmed from penetration alone. Had never even had an inkling it could happen for me.

I always thought that enjoying sex more in mid 30s and 40s was a myth until I experienced it.


It hurts a little going in at first but then it feels very good…

I always check these threads out to spy on you gals and maybe learn something. I will say though that when I was a virgin I was a little leery about having sex because to me, penetration looked like it would hurt the girl and I didn’t want to hurt her. But hell, I finally figured out that 7 billion people can’t be wrong so I bit the bullet and joined the crowd.


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It only hurts if he goes too deep or if I’m “raw” from banging too much. Even my first time was not painful at all. As for pleasure for me it is all about positioning and angles. There are some positions where its just eh and some positions where penetration feels AMAZING.

Regardless though I could not get off from just penetration alone. Trust me I tried for quite some time. I don’t ever really get close even.

It depends on who with and how they are doing it.

I can orgasm with penetration only and that is actually my best most intense orgasm.

The best sex I had was not the best partner I had.

I can be inlove with someone I didn’t have the best sex with.

I have mostly had pretty bad sex so it was amazing to experience extatic sex recently but I learnt there are more important things than sex.:open_mouth:

Sometimes it has hurt but I have also had the best orgasms from penetrating only.

I want my home I had to be my home again.
It’s the best home I ever had and I miss those I lived with.


I enjoyed sex with my x I lived with and sometimes I came by penetration but it was not extatic like it was with my latest sex partner who was the best sex I had but not the best partner.i still love my x I lived with and want to move back but he said no because he doesn’t trust me.

If it hurts maybe more moisture is needed or talk to Dr or communication about it and try different positions.

I don’t enjoy it at all and it’s very painful for me.
It also triggers bad flashbacks and bad feelings overall. Best avoid it for me.

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I feel the same

I always heard growing up that males reached their sexual peak at 18 while women reached it at 35. That always seemed odd to me.

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Me, too. That’s why we have Cougars, I guess.

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For me it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t give me pleasure.

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It just hurt the first couple of times for me. But after that I enjoyed it.

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Well, that’s true for me too

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All the penetration I’ve had has never given me pleasure.

Once was with a guy and it hurt and I was telling him to stop and he was like, just take it man. Wat a tosser. It’s a long story why it took so long to stop seeing him. Private one

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“All the penetration I’ve had has never given me pleasure.”

Sorry, how old are you?

Thank god i’m not alone ahahah. Thank you for share it. It is what it is.

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I’m 31 years old. What about you?

Yea I think maybe there’s quite a few women out there like this but I’m not sure tbh.

When I hear some of the women moaning in porn I feel like it sounds fake to me but I could be wrong.


I think the same.

I’m 26.

A doc told in an interview that is very common. But who knows

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