Is it normal for sz to get out of dodge

Just tired had enough of this lifestyle and people in my life my family and friends… I just wanna leave town without anybody even knowing… like I don’t care if there’s a pic of me on a missing poster. I just want to write everybody off start a new life less stress

i am sure there are some family members that care about you, and would miss you…
i am not saying to not do it, but sometimes as sz we think that we are not loved but in reality we are loved very much.
take care


It seems you take it with you - the discontent.


I once had this kind of thinking,now lesser,maybe your depress?

I did that once, just disappeared without a trace once. My family tore this city apart looking for me. It really hurt my sis. It didn’t help me at all either. Because the people I was mad at were my safety net. Not safety net, no meds, no warm bed, no food. I was homeless. I got beat up a lot. I call that my rabid time. It was permanent psychosis.

I never want to do that again.


Yeah I sometimes imagine just buying a plane ticket to New York, the beaches of Cali, Seattle, or the Virgin Islands, and start new homeless. If things don’t work out in college, those imaginations might become a reality.

I think it may have something to do with the “fight or flight response” that sometimes kicks in when it doesn’t need to.


I fantasize about this all the time. I want to just walk off into the woods someplace and be alone forever. I’d need to take basic camping stuff to survive but I think I could manage. No one would miss me anyway.

16 years ago I left town. But I took 5 months to plan the move and my family knew about it. There were bumps in the road but I am better off here than there, I know.
I would suggest you write down a list of all the reasons you want to leave and all the reasons you want to go where you want to go. Compare that with what you have now. But don’t go away blindly, that is just asking for disaster. Good luck, chordy.


If you do leave town and go somewhere else, you are going to be taking your problems with you. Everywhere you go, you take your head and your heart with you. As Chordy says, think it through. Put the pros and cons down on paper. We say in recovery:“Don’t be a slave to your impulses.”