I frequently think about leaving town

Without telling anyone and starting over because I hate everyone and want a fresh beginning. It is not a suicide attempt and the more they tell me not to go.the more I think about it. When I get my travel trailor i am pretty sure I will be renting a uhaul and hauling ass the ■■■■ away from here away from everyone because i hate these people and like to vacation in many many towns i can out run.the voices i have done it beforr fyi works like a charm.

Ok like think one thing so the sz think you are going somewhere, do not tell your family or they will stop you. Save money secretly and then one day when you are alone and no one gives a ■■■■ about you, disappear on a bus.

Make sure to turn off your phone or destroy it incase they gps your location or ditch it.

I wpuld not take my boyfriends it wpuld be too much of a risk of being found they do not know how to keep their mouths shut.

@JadeyJade I don’t know everything about your situation but I don’t think running away is the answer. Don’t you have a kid? At least try to get a job in another city and then move so you have some prospects.

Leave on foot in the middle of the night ditch phone. If you can leave town in 24 hours before you become a missing person you will be fine if not you may have to hide out with a small food supply and water underground in the sewer there is dry sewers to sleep in until the coast is clear. Believe me no one will find you and you will survive i have done this before and i was so happy to be left alone.

Just make sure you leave the state.

I am on disability and i have not seen my kid in a year i am pretty sure that because of my boyfriend stalker ex gf i will.not see my son again because she seriously tried to kill me and my seven.month old with rat poison that is why he was taken from me and they put me.in protective custody from her.

About a month ago she tried to kill me again by putting a high level chlorine concentration in my moms garage and poisoned me while pregnant.

Are you on medication? Even though there is a chance what you are saying is true most likely you are exhibiting extreme paranoia. Take the meds life is way better non-paranoid.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea but I have thoughts of this too…very frequently actually.

I have been dreaming about expatriating to Mexico for years and years now. But, I never do it. I don’t know why. My doctors and nurses are here in the U.S. My insurance, medical care and medication availability are here in the U.S. Those are probably the reasons why I don’t expatriate. Other reasons are that I have my precious cat here and my very valuable piano and composition teacher is here in the States. Also, my memory isn’t the greatest anymore and my Spanish is very rusty now. I would probably have a hell of a time getting along down there now. No, it just isn’t feasible anymore. Not at my age and in my present condition.

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