Is it normal for a psychologist/therapist to ask for your psychiatrist's details before meeting?

I have been doing very well for the last year or so. No major symptoms of psychosis for the most part.

I had recently decided for myself to seek out a psychologist for a completely unrelated matter. My mom passed away around mid-year last year, and I was just hoping to talk through that experience with someone, as I never actually received any grief counseling and the like.

A few days ago, while browsing online for psychologists in my area, I found someone who seemed like a great fit. I contacted them, we set up an appointment, and then they sent me some forms to fill in and email before our first sessions.

Some of the information that is being is asked on the form kind of bothers me. I have seen other psychologists in the past, and they literally never asked for this info.

In the form they were asking whether I’m on any psychiatric medication, whether I have any diagnosis (Which I’m totally fine with answering these in particular). But then they ask for the contact details of my Psychiatrist, if I have one. They also ask for consent to contact the psychiatrist if need be.

I’m bothered by these last two points. I’ve never been asked for this specific information by other therapists/psychologists. The idea of being talked about behind my back kind of really unsettles me. I’d prefer if the psychologist would just trust that the information I’m giving them is accurate and we work from there.

The thing is, actually, since my first and only episode in 2018, I have never seen any psychologists or therapists. I’ve only ever consulted with my one and only psychiatrist. I don’t really like the idea of multiple people discussing my psychiatric issues in my absence.

Is this normal practice for psychologists? Should I seek out somebody else?

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Yes, it is normal practice.

It’s normal and common. You can always say no and let them know why you don’t want them talking to each other and see if they’re still willing to work with you

Yes, most of mine have asked for this.

So have they ever actually called your psychiatrist? Do they make you aware?

I have signed permission forms to obtain my records from the psychiatrist and they have obviously received the info as made clear by questions later on.

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I think perhaps I should do this. The things is, the issue at hand is grief, not psychosis. I feel like that which I am requiring assistance for, is unrelated to the psychiatric issues. Especially since I have not had any major symptoms in a while.

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Then explain this to them.

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Grief is stressful. Stress drives positive symptoms and could be making your psychosis worse. These things often operate in a vicious cycle, feeding each other.

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I understand how they can interplay, yes. I have been consistent with my medications. I don’t feel like I’m doing badly in that regard (I mean in terms of psychosis and delusions). I do have an upcoming appointment with my psychiatrist; perhaps I’ll get his take on the matter before consulting with the therapist.

I don’t know what it is but I’m not so comfortable with them talking. I think I just don’t want go down memory lane about psychiatric experiences over the last 4 years with an all new unknown individual. I suppose if push absolutely comes to shove, I’ll do what I have to.

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