Do you think it's ok to call a psychiatrist you are no longer a patient of?

I sent a message to my psychiatrist I’m no longer a patient off and said I just wanted to say hi, and I asked if I could call her. We always had nice conversations, but after sending the message I couldn’t help but feel that it was a bit rude to contact her again because they probably have a policy that they can’t have conversation with people who are no longer patients, and maybe she doesn’t want me calling.

edit: Correction, psychologist, not psychiatrist.


In my opinion it’s a bit strange.

They’re professionals not your friends.


I get it. I won’t do it again. Was just in a place where I needed to talk to someone. I didn’t think it much through.


If you feel like you need extra support you could always contact her for a (paid) appointment.


She was a psychologist that I was assigned to as a free treatment offer you get in my country if you have psychosis and are under the age of 30. So I can’t get appointments with her again, as she works for that system run by the state, and only have appointments with people under 30 with psychosis.

Maybe I could find another psychologist…

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Oh okay.

I had to pay for my former psychologist out of pocket :grinning:

There’s limited out of patient psychological support in Belgium offered subsidized.

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If she writes back all is good. If she doesn’t, that’s good too :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not something I would do. I do not wish to be friends with my support professionals.


I don’t think it’s weird especially when there’s a potential that you could become their patient again.

My psychiatrist writes some incorrect things about me like we had a conversation we never had

If I was talking to them in their professional capacity as their patient/client, no. As someone seek company, I would seek it elsewhere.


Maybe you could ask your GP to refer you. It might be hard to get help though. I applied for a psychiatrist several times but got rejected. I think there’s a real shortage of people there, like they have at least half a years wait list. Maybe it’s better with psychologists.

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