Is it my fault, that i ended up so alone?

Well, in general I try to accept this now, which Is better, but I wonder how my best ill friend does it. She has bunch of friends. Is it my fault, that I am so alone? Maybe she just is more social than me? I guess she has no my fears, but is it a common fate to be left by all friends in this illness?
But yeap, I sometimes doesn’t pick the phone even, cause too afraid to talk to strangers on it, its up to this point yeap :confused: … Does this piss off the others?
There is also the fact, that the others never hug me or kiss me a lot… I see the mom of this friend of mine, who always hugs her when she is at her worst. Maybe I don’t predispose the others? I don’t know why the others don’t hug me like this…
But whatever, all this isn’t so painful for me anymore, I’ll work to recover mostly… :slight_smile:


I wouldnt say its your fault, its schizophrenia. The only thing that is your responsibility (mainly) is your recovery, i think the rest will follow.

Im alone too and dont really answer my phone for the same reason as you. What i said above is my own theory, first recovery, friends later.


I’m so alone too. I had some friends, but they left when I told them about my schizophrenia. I used to think that it was my fault, but now I don’t think so. People in general don’t know anything about schizophrenia. They only know what they see on TV, movies, etc. And TV says awful things about people with schizophrenia. That’s the reason why we don’t have any friends. Normal people are afraid of us.


I’ve always been kind of a loner with like usually one close friend though but now I haven’t even got that it’s pretty rubbish

I’m always alone except when my sister comes over. She’s also my best and only friend…one of the only people I trust. It took awhile for us to get here. I really scared her when she found me in the middle of an episode.

But pals, do you also live mostly in your house, because of the paranoia? This is hard…

I get a ride to the grocery store once a week from my roommate. Other than my walks I’m always in my room.

I am sorry, Gin… Its a pity… You are not alone… My body is ruined within the years, but whatever. Lets have hope, yeap.

I’ll take being alone and safe anytime. Today has been a zero voices day so far so things are pretty good. :blush:

Is it recent your isolation? My problem is that mine lasts since 20 years. I have no voices, but I was in the negatives since kid, so I became desperate. But in a way its good to take your time, yes. Me, I miss the others, I miss the air outside now. I miss my health too… Maybe much more people isolate than I imagine. But one pdoc told me, that i’ll never be happy if I isolate.

I get anxiety away from home. My family texts me a lot and I talk to my roommates sometimes. I get lonely sometimes but it passes. I have my cat Oppenheimer who loves to be held and cuddled so that helps.

Ok, I see… Its good you have a roommate. Me, I have my mother and two friends left, but I cant sit with them anymore outside in a coffee. I wish I would be more sure, that my symptoms wont appear outside… and sorry, I became stupid. I focus too much on me. Ill do my best to stop focalizing on the illness, its a problem lol :confused:

I really have to force myself to walk sometimes. Cause “no Gin the whole block isn’t staring at you” it just feels like it.

Yes, yes… :slight_smile: This kind of thought helps me too :slight_smile: . My sister also tells me, that nobody doesn’t care about the others on the street. But idk what I think outside, still feel a bit overwhelmed by the others and all the info outside.

I’m convinced they probably think I’m odd cause who just walks without a dog or reason. I keep my headphones on and that helps drown out the self consciousness mostly.

Going to a store or restaurant is way harder because I’ve had episodes where I hear everyone’s thoughts extremely loud and yeah I ended up running into an empty park to get away.

You just need to force yourself to socialize. Go to and find something you’re into, then you just need a ride. Could be anything, a game of thrones viewing party, or a sewing circle or anything in between. Could get a good friend out of it and end up with someone to text when you’re bored.

You gotta get out. Ruminating all day and night and analyzing everything is not healthy. At least go to an empty restaurant or one that has few people. You can sit in the restaurant and ruminate until your heart is content but at least you will be out of the house and doing something normal.

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I was once alone as well, until I got on medication. I have no friends, just family. I made the tiniest effort to reach out to my family and now I see them when I can, and they understand my illness.
I have tried making friends in the past but they always drop me as soon as I start talking. Apparently my behavior is creepy. :roll_eyes: I don’t care anymore, because I know my family is large and they have my back, even when I try to isolate myself. Long story short, you should at least make an effort to socialize, be it family or friend.


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