Did loneliness contribute to your schizophrenia

i see my brother twice a week and live with my mother.occasinally i visit my sister.its not enough i shake a lot.i dont know why i still feel bit lonely.like my heart is missing something.

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You never had friends? Can’t you talk to them on messenger voice or video call?

I think it did very much so but it wasn’t the root cause. The root cause was low self esteem and that resulted in a lot of stress and isolation. So the stress resulting from the isolation and loneliness made me psychotic amongst other bad activities I participated in as a result of the stress. Binge eating, and alcohol, and a dumb amount of mdma, in one session.

I talk to friends video chat everyday and have my brothers but I still feel lonely without a gf.

Try to make new friends. You can even PM people on this forum.


i lived in different countries in when i was younger.was never stable enough to build relationships.being called crazy since age of 10.

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Do you have friends from Syria? I still have mine on fb.

I think my problem was in my genes and in being raised by my mother who wasn’t able to do it well because she was psychotic.
I was also very sensible and teachers at school traumatized me.

nah im 40 iv had relationships but they were fleeting if you know what i mean.im 39 now its too late.sometimes i dont care.

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You can still contact them if you have them on social media. I still talk to a friend that I didn’t see since I was 10-16 y.o. from Syria.

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It run in my jeans

My Schizophrenia has made me more alone.

When I was first diagnosed I told everybody

It’s my bad, I was ignorant to how stigmatising the illness was


I think it made my psychosis worse at times. It’s hard to reality check when there’s no one to check with

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I think alcoholism contributed to my schizophrenia. The way I drank was insane.


A women that told me that I should go get checked in mental hospital, when asked why, said maybe I’ve spent too much time alone… but I smoked every single moment with her, so maybe it was either that or weed

I think I always had symptoms in one way or the other all through my life. I started feeling lonely even when I had “friends” but now I look back I think I was delusional at the time. I’ve had different friends everywhere I’ve travelled. I kind of covered the friends part through my journey so I know my issues were not due to true loneliness. I do still think some environments I stayed in were hostile in nature. My psychiatrist thinks that was what caused my schizophrenia.

yes loneliness had a large role in my initial onset of schizophrenia…

I was very much a loner as a .child. My sister can’t recall my joining in with any of hers and my brother’s games. I can’t say I was particularly lonely

Telling everybody is a great litmus test, to find out who your real mates are.

Its worked in my favour for some. Im likely to keep my gob shut these days tho.

Yes it did,live on my own and, and i get lonely!